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meaghers 20th November 2006 11:12 PM

soldering headphone cable
Hi all!

I'm fairly new to this whole diy land and the boards here. I'm trying to fix my sennheiser headphones by attaching a new connector to the end inside of the headphones.

I know how to solder plain old cables together, i've done plenty of instrument and mic cables and rca interconnects, but this headphone cable is weird. It has 3 tiny strands of coloured non-conductive wire wrapped around nylonish threads. Where is the conductor? Where do I solder?

Please help! Any further info and pics will be provided if useful.

thanks and rock on.

Sonusthree 20th November 2006 11:36 PM

Hi meaghers,
Which model Senheisers are they? I'm assuming you have three conductors because they are a model that connects to the headset at only one side as opposed to both.

The wire that you see is insulated with the coloured coatings. I think it is anodised but don't quote me!
Someone here will correct me and I will learn too.
The coloured insulation melts away when soldered which is pretty clever.

If you don't know where to terminate each conductor then I would recommend that you tin the very ends of the wire so that they conduct and use your multimeter to find which wire should go where using the Jack plug as a reference.
I will assume that you know that you know the tip/ring/sleeve design but here's a great link just in case. Just check the diagram halfway down the page..

Good luck,

P.S Wow Sek. That was close!! Is that a new forum record? :D

sek 20th November 2006 11:36 PM


the three wires are the conductors for left, right and ground. The nylon strand is for flexibility and durability.

Just tin the (laquered) wires with solder and flux by the heat of your soldering iron. The (enamel) laquer will melt and flow off.

Then measure the color code (referred to the connector pinout) and write it down. That's all there is to it. ;)

Have fun,

meaghers 20th November 2006 11:42 PM

Thanks for the reassurance sek and sonus! Wow, quick responses, I'm so glad!

Thats what i was doing, but it seemed messy and stinky, so i thought perhaps there was some special method that I was missing.

Cheers! :clown:

sek 20th November 2006 11:48 PM

Hi meaghers, Martin,


Thanks for the reassurance sek and sonus! Wow, quick responses, I'm so glad!
Cool! ;)


P.S Wow Sek. That was close!! Is that a new forum record? :D
Wow, extremely close, you're right! :eek:

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