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khundude2012 13th September 2006 06:16 PM

Hypex headphone idea
I would love to see Hypex develope an amp that would work well with Sennheiser's HD650. Dual mono, balanced, and able to drive their 300ohm impedance. I am sure this would be a hit with the guys at headfi as well. I keep hearing how the UcD amps sound like a SET tube amp. This would drive me wild! I would love to hear from Jan Peters about this. The headfiers commonly pay thousands to get that great SET sound, so why not develope a dual mono, or two single amp modules that could drive these cans as well as the Stax and AKG cans. These are all typically hard to drive and a class D sounds like the answer to a question commonly asked, how do I make these damn cans sing! Personally, I am in the process of designing a 3-way, active X-over, active speaker with 4-channels of UcD180AD power fed by a balanced XLR. I sold my SET headphone amp and I miss it dearly. I love the idea of a UcD headphone amp because if it comes near the sonics of my SET amp, it would also have these benefits:

-possible SET tube sound without NOS tube prices and delicate handling
-Size and weight
-universal voltage
-balanced input
-balanced output
-possible smps options(much reduced weight for transport)
-if the rail voltage was 12v, id could be semi-portable
-low cost compared to it's expected rivals
-easy implementation in DIY preamps

I know very little about electronic schematics, but I am sure Jan could whip up a design in no time. If it was priced like the current Hypex line compared to the mainstream market I would stand in line for one of these babies. I am sure dozens of headfiers alone would as well.

Pano 13th September 2006 09:50 PM

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