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saxonsraven1 16th January 2013 09:57 PM

Grado RS1 headphones
I have a set of cans, the Grado RS1 and I like them immensely how about you?

Battlestar Basilica 17th January 2013 04:39 AM


Originally Posted by saxonsraven1 (
I have a set of cans, the Grado RS1 and I like them immensely how about you?

Do your Grados include a microphone on the cord to answer mobile phone calls?

These cheap Koss PortaPro headphones work well with my iPhone. Clear bright sound with deep bass for those of us who don't mind old-school design. Less than $50 (US currency) last time I checked. Seeking to upgrade! Will add Grado RS1 to my consideration list.

cotdt 17th January 2013 04:57 AM

Too bad Grado RS1 doesn't include a microphone. That renders it pretty useless.

saxonsraven1 17th January 2013 12:46 PM

Reference Grados RS-1
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My Reference set are the older RS-1's they do not have any mike

awangotango 18th January 2013 07:16 PM

over the last year I spent almost $4000 on trying all the various headphones on the market. And ended up with a diy grado rs type headphone. Love it. As a musician, vinyl lover, instrument builder, I find the grado/delicate wood cup method of music transmission to be the most accurate, realistic, comfortable, and enjoyable headphone. The fact that it doesn't need an amp is also a +

dry joint 20th January 2013 04:39 PM

Grados have a house sound that some like and others don't, essentially they are each refined versions of the model below, other brands have different designs that are different rather than purely better. The Grados I had made my ear holes ring, I'd like a go on the wooden ones but won't buy a pair just for a listen.

awangotango 20th January 2013 06:41 PM

right, I dislike the grado house sound as well. It's too hot, distorted, and bass humped. That's why one needs to make a diy set with a different cup/wood/finish. The end result is more of a vintage rs1 sound signature before the grado house sound of john's mid and later developments took hold. There is variation between the drivers made at different times as well fyi. Not huge but a little different. I do agree it's likely the same driver in each model, just tweeked a touch here and there. Those made in the early 90's didn't have the bass hump or the hot distorted upper end. rumour has it they were actually joe's handywork before he passed the co off to john. But you're right, the average plastic cupped grado with that nasty band is not a pleasant ear hole experience. Like anything, it's the diy spirit that really makes something worthwhile. These companies crank out odd sounding phones for the most part. senn,grado,beyer,hifiman,koss, et all.

cotdt 20th January 2013 06:50 PM

Grados have poorly controlled breakup. I sold all my Grados after listening to what else is out there.

awangotango 20th January 2013 06:58 PM

not at moderate volumes they don't. at least the vintage sound signature models do not. but most do I agree, even at moderate volumes they sound 'hot' as I said. So for all intents and purposes you are right, but the set I'm listening to right at this moment, are not 'breaking up' in any way, but they are not 'average' grados so it's a moot point, your impression is accurate for most stock grados at anything over low volumes. I could go into detail as to hw to avoid this with a diy cup but why bother. Like you say just get another make of phone, they won't have real dynamics like is heard with real music in a live setting. Take a senn or beyer or a planar for three examples. /neither has accurate intrument dynamics if one is talking basic traditional instruments ala horns, percussion, strings, or piano. That's why grado is special and worth working to eliminate their weeknesses but these strengths I just mentioned of grado are likely only heard and valued by musicians or those who spend alot of time listening to live music in the real world and value it's accurate reproduction. Especially it's dynamic qualities.

awangotango 20th January 2013 07:18 PM

in addition to all those problems, the grado house sound is also a little too airy and lacking in balls. Same goes for the several cartridges of theirs i've tried. So this must and can be dealt with when diy'in your cups, but again why bother...I do enjoy the grado black cart when paired with a vintage AR 'the turntable'. The floating suspension must help with grado's faults and/or that is the type of table joe used to tune his carts. Just like they use 60's music in part to tune their phones whereas most other manufacturers use digital messes.

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