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danielwritesbac 7th September 2012 12:56 PM

Best Earbud (not earplug) headphones to buy?
I'm wanting to buy some replacement earbuds. I'm looking for an appreciable sound and Big Pretty Clear Low Bass. That's not a common feature for earbuds, so I need to ask for your suggestions. Help?

qusp 8th September 2012 02:53 PM

hmm earbud is not a very descriptive term. in ear monitors give excellent bass performance, but it seems like you are wanting something of the type that doesnt seal and sits in the entrance to the ear, not actually in the ear, similar in format (but not quality) to the standard iBuds that come with ipods etc. ??

if that is your request, you are very limited for choice. the format as a whole isolates terribly, so if you want big bass, then you will be at the point of damaging your hearing to achieve it. when you can have a seal achieving the bass is easy.

there are a few that do pretty well, but they are not cheap and they really prefer to be used with a portable amp, due to higher than normal impedance (~150ohms) I speak of the PK1, PK2 and OK1, OK2

bass extension still doesnt approach good in ears though and isolation is terrible, thats unavoidable for this style of headphone


these are pretty much best in class and the design and price is exactly the same as when released like 5 years ago, consistently well reviewed and if driven well, I agree they can match some pretty serious fullsize headphones, decent soundstage too for a bud, but yeah not without caveats

sreten 8th September 2012 04:47 PM

Hi, Checkout the Yuin PK3, seem an interesting choice, rgds, sreten.

qusp 8th September 2012 05:09 PM

hmm, pk3 not so much, pk2, ok2, pk1, ok1 are much better.

what have you got against in ears? have you tried a good in ear? aka IEM?

danielwritesbac 8th September 2012 05:28 PM

During the dawn of MP3 players, a little earbud appeared. That looked exactly like hisound Paa1, but had a LOT more bass and a big right angle plug. Modern editions from hisound, pyle and others have a small straight plug and apparently no bass or perhaps the market has more fakes than real. Now, with a price-hike, the hisoundaudio paa1-PRO appears to be a re-decorated edition of the old one and the bass is back. And for avoiding fakes, there's a direct purchase link: PAA-1 PRO earbuds - Group1 - Product Catalog - hisoundservice.,Co.Ltd - Free Website
Am I on the right track?
Or, barking up the wrong tree?

theAnonymous1 8th September 2012 06:38 PM

$49 for a set of cheap plastic looking buds? I can't imagine bass being any good with this type of foam covered bud that just "hangs" off the ear and never makes a good seal with the canal.

LeGoLarz 8th September 2012 06:57 PM

people who are looking for some decent earbuds can read this Earbuds Guide

danielwritesbac 8th September 2012 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by theAnonymous1 (
$49 for a set of cheap plastic looking buds? I can't imagine bass being any good with this type of foam covered bud that just "hangs" off the ear and never makes a good seal with the canal.

For example Koss Sporta Pro ~$20 doesn't make a seal and thunders like Grado SR80, which also doesn't make a seal. Doing that with a smaller driver is merely harder but certainly not impossible.

When first introduced, PAA1 were about $2 OEM and really thundered. Next, the switched the plug to an ipod compatible and ruined the bass (aka the "pyle" earbud version). After that they redecorated and re-issued the old ones for $49 and made 2 more upmarket versions, one with good bass for $99 and one without for $150. Well, this is a bit hard to keep track of. I might spend the $49 or $99 for what I want, but may or may not get what I want. The only sure data is that the company IS able to make what I want and that they have done so in the past. But there is some question whether they currently produce it or ship it. . . or something else. Has anyone purchased the PAA1-Pro or Live recently? And, if so, does it have the mighty bass or is it limp?

qusp 8th September 2012 09:51 PM

grado SR80...bass? hmm I think we have a difference of definitions here

I havent heard anything of this type in this bracket fro a long time. I work in the industry, have about 4k in headphones spread across 5 pairs; so i'm not going to be much good, but what I can say is for this type of ugly, non-sealing not quite headphone, the yuins sound pretty close to a 300-350 dollar fullsize, bass will disappear in public with anything that doesnt seal, fact of life, but if you must have buds and dont realy feel like carrying a portable headphone amp, then the pk2 is a pretty safe bet.

still havent got an answer why no in ears? have you tried decent in ears? is it possible near you to try this stuff out? can you get to a local headfi meet?

Pano 8th September 2012 10:17 PM


Originally Posted by qusp (
grado SR80...bass? hmm I think we have a difference of definitions here

I'm glad you said that. Was scratching my head over that one. I tried everything possible to get the SR80s not to screech, ended up sending them back. Peoples ears are different, I guess.

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