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Theduboracle 18th March 2012 10:33 PM

Sennheiser beyerdynamic driver upgrade

I totatally freaked out of the bad sound of my headphones and i distroyed them by trying to modificating them.
So i searched for good drivers that also said in their image that they where good.
I came up with the Visaton BF 45 drivers, a fullrange speaker of 4 ohm.
I just mounted a good caddock 10ohm resistor to protect my amp.
It plays exelent and i have now the sound i always wanted out of a headphone.
I just want to spread the message because the driver only costs around 12 euro's.
Its a closed systhem, i just mounted the driver in the headphone plate and filled all holes with glue to get a good bass.

The backsite is just open, i just mounted the grill on top of it.
Otherwise sound will pile up against the loudspeaker and damp the bass, logic.
The only thing is that you need a eq to play good trough it, on a pc its no problem.
Its a 5 db increase at 20khz, and 0 db at 20hz, in a straight line from 20hz to 20khz.
( done in magix music cleaning lab)
Its a better sound than the beyerdynamic d880 or the senheiser hd 600 together, and you can play loud!

Theduboracle 18th March 2012 10:43 PM

And some minor modifications, it speaks for itself, and not dificult to do.

Theduboracle 24th March 2012 12:30 AM

I drilled also a hole of 3 mm into the plate that holds loudspeker to get more accent in the lower bas regions.
You can barely call this a bassreflex pipe or sometning, its just to release the air from the bass.
This is only ment for this sennheiser 600.
If you mount this speakers into a other headphone it could be totally diferend, its just about how mutch air can escape.
More airtight heads, more dampend under 50hz.
I hope you understand.

Theduboracle 2nd April 2012 07:14 PM

Hello, again me.

I also bought some broadbands i saw for a longer time in the store.
They looked nice to me for a longer time, but i saw no reason to buy them.
Now i did because of my headphone experiment.
Its a PC laptop speaker set, usb powered.

I quickley buid them in as you see.


Realy, i am totally suprised by this speakers for only 15 euro for both.
They sound even better than the visaton BF45.
More bass, and a more balanced sound for all frequenties.
I still must ajust some on my PC to get the spectrum totally right, but this is supurb.
Its also the first time my cyrus amp dropped out because of the impedance and to mutch bass boost, but stil i can play loud.
I can not understand that a 15 euro commercial speaker can sound better than both headphones you see on the pictures.
For this money its worth to try i would say.
Or you just dont believe it.
The speakers are a bit heavy i must say, but thats no discussion related to the sound quality you get out of them.

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