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protos 7th August 2003 12:45 PM

How to have cheap hi-end on your holiday- my headphone experience.
You go on holiday and you can't take your super hi-fi system with you even though you have so much more free time to enjoy music. What a bummer! Those walkman earphones are crap and you can't bear to listen to more than 3 minutes of your favourite music plus you would look ridiculous lugging your Sennheiser 600 s on the beach.
Sound familiar?
Well I just came back from 5 weeks in the sun and I could listen to hours and hours of "hi-end" quality music without any inconvenience.
In my search for the perfect but reasonably priced holiday headphone I examined acclaimed designs like etymotic and the new ones by shure.
However since I could not get them here and audition them and because of lack of time I tried the Sony MDR-EX71SL in ear phones only at about 50 euro .
They are really a revelation and especially for the price they are a screaming bargain.
They even give my Sennheisers 600 a good run for their money.The Senn are more airy in the upper registers and a little bit more detailed but they tend to sound bright unless driven by very good head amp. The sonys sound fantastic with maybe better dynamics and very natural and unfatiguing mids and highs plus they can be driven exceedingly well by a simple discman.I would never have believed the quality I was getting with this set up .
So if you guys want a cheap but great sounding holiday (although I would gladly use them at home) phones give it a try.

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