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grahamfocal 14th February 2011 07:02 PM

Headphone amp project
Hi guys, I have just bought some senn HD600 headphones. I have the Audiolab 8000A amp, which has an output, obviously, but I really want to build my own headphone amp.
I am not looking to design my own circuit board etc (no where near that clued up :D), but want to know if there is a PCB available of a decent design that I can add all the components, sockets, volume, box etc.
I am failry handy with me soldering iron and have spent the last few months upgrading my cd player and amp (basically mind you, just adding new caps sockets etc)
I want a real top end amp but on a budget, something that is not going to be out of my league, technically or financially, but something that maybe already exists in PCB form that all i have to do is source the parts.
I hope that makes one ounce of sense :o
I have a btec 928 at the moment which I was considering upgrading, but not sure that its worth it, had a quick listen and the audiolabs own headphone amp is way ahead in sound quality terms.

What do you think :xfingers:

mastodon 15th February 2011 03:29 PM
Done ;)

espressogeek 20th June 2011 01:45 AM

The cMoyBB is a great little amp. The PCB is 5 dollars, the parts are probably less than 30 dollars and paired with a headphone that is moderately easy to drive, such as the Porta Pros or SR60s, terribly fun to listen to.

I'm looking for a new headphone amp project, preferably two channel and non-tube, and I recalled how much fun the little cMoyBB was when I got started.

grahamfocal 20th June 2011 05:42 PM

hi guys, I actually ended up building the AMB M3 amp, and its gorgeous, wasnt cheap but well worth every penny.

Some pics here to see of the completed project:

espressogeek 21st June 2011 04:16 AM

Congrats on a very nice build. I need to build something soon to scratch an itch I've got.

grahamfocal 21st June 2011 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by espressogeek (
Congrats on a very nice build. I need to build something soon to scratch an itch I've got.

I know what you mean, and thanks for the nice words :D
trouble is, I have another itch to, hmmm might start building some speakers now, keeps me off the streets :p

Mooly 21st June 2011 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by espressogeek (
Congrats on a very nice build.

I second that... very nice :)

grahamfocal 21st June 2011 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by Mooly (
I second that... very nice :)

cheers mooly, I had the panels laser cut (friend in the business) but I designed and sprayed them myself, and was quite chuffed with the overall finish. After they dried for a few days I used a light polish (Autoglym) abrasive to remove the light marks that you get when hand spraying in the shed :)
the box is a hammond one that (using my daughters spatula from her toy oven, which made the perfect vent hole design) i simply sprayed the lids and drilled the vents.

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