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David Mendelson 4th July 2010 11:44 PM

Please Help wiring headphone jack
I recently have begun a project and am in need of some help. I bought a Radio Shack 274-246 3-conductor 1/8 inch closed curcuit jack and cannot figure out how to wire it.

I'd like to wire it such that the stereo speakers turn off when i plug in my headphones.

There is a wiring schematic on the package (attached) but I dont know what contact numbers to solder which wires to. Can you please help tell me (for example ( right speaker + goes to contact number....):

multisync 4th July 2010 11:58 PM

with the headphones not plugged in it looks like
amp ( lets say left ) output to pin 5 then out to the speaker on pin 4
amp right output to pin 2 then to the speaker on pin 3
ground on pin 1

now normally when you use headphones connected to an amplifier directly the level is way too loud and you will destroy your headphones. So most amplifier headphone jacks will have something like a 100ohm resistor in series with a 10 ohm resistor. The 100 ohm will connect to the amplifier out and the 10 ohm to ground. You would then connect pin 5 to the junction of the 100 and 10 ohm resistors. The other side of the 10 ohm resistor would go to ground. However if you do this you can no longer have the speakers connected thru the headphone jack. That is one reason why if a power amp has a headphone jack it also has a speakers on off switch. You may have to adjust the 10 ohm resistor value up or down depending on your headphones.

David Mendelson 5th July 2010 12:12 AM

So, is there any way to protect my headphones that will still take advantage of the "switch" ?

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