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mondogenerator 18th December 2009 02:58 AM

any advice on how to match a headphone level output to valve amp input levels?
basically i have a single channel valve amp and i would like to use my pedal board with it to enable me to change 'channels' or FX.

The trouble is that the pedal output is a headphone level with volume pot, and i have to wind this right down to get a clean sound as the output is way too high. Only if i do this, the sound becomes very thin, and in fact the amp sounds way better on its own.

Now as the pedal board and amp are both very good IMO i would love to be able to use both together as seperately they sound great (DM signature 120 valve head, and vox tonelab se).

Im an electronic kinda guy so i have no trouble making something to go between pedal and amp input. I have considered using just a resistor to lower the output level of the pedal to the input level of the amp, but i dont know if this will do alot to change the sound. I think there is an issue with the impedance matching between the two. so would i be better off trying to match with a small signal tranformer? ARGH!!! hummmmmmmmmmmm....interference.........

ANYONE? please save me from the white jacketed mental health nurse trying to lure me into the rubber wallpapered room!!!!!!

MJL21193 18th December 2009 03:08 AM

Try a resistor divider - cheap and easy.
Keep the R to ground fairly low (1k or less) and it shouldn't have any negative impact on SQ.

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