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Bas Horneman 27th March 2006 08:43 PM

Any interest for a groupbuy of Mark Kelly's DC Motor controller?
Details here

Mark is currently doing 16-18 hour working days due to harvesting. That is the reason I'm posting here.

Listing your name does not oblige you to buy. And this is certainly not a promise that the board or anything related is going to be done by Mark Kelly or myself.

Let's see where this goes..
The groupbuy could contain one or more articles

-DC controller - basic
-DC controller - de luxe.

-Universal pully
-DC Motor

please list your interest with your username or real name and number of articles.

Bas Horneman 27th March 2006 09:07 PM

So far 6 people have shown interest.

pinkmouse 27th March 2006 09:14 PM

Just looked at the schematic, and it looks very straightforward. You should be able to knock that up single sided pretty easily, so if only a small number of people are interested it would be quite feasable to roll-your-own.

Seth Hensel 27th March 2006 09:23 PM

I'm in for everything - motor, controller, power supply, pulley

Bas Horneman 27th March 2006 09:31 PM

Excerpt of the article by Mark Kelly out of my magazine.


The prototype worked very well and my beta tester seems very happy with the result, which measures at better than 0.1% speed accuracy. The costs for this project are quite reasonable given the outcome. The raw cost of the controller, including PCB, all parts, plugs, sockets etc but not including an enclosure or power supply is about $AUD 90 / $USD 70 / EUR 55. The upgrades mentioned above add about $AUD 40 / $USD 30 / EUR 25.

How much you spend on an enclosure depends on how much you want to spend. In Australia Jaycar HB5462 is $AUD 25.75, in the USA the Hammond 1402 DV is $USD 42.15 (Allied part 802-1366), or you could use something like a 1U rackmount.

A suitable power supply giving 18V at 300 mA using a standard 2.1mm DC plug (centre positive) is fairly cheap, you could use Jaycar part no MP3029 which is $AUD18.95, you'll need reasonable heatsinking for the pre-regulator as this is a 24 volt supply. In the US Allied part no 967 8102 is suitable, this costs $USD 7.11

If there is enough interest I can put together a couple of kits – the “Cheap as Chips” unit would be the boards, ordinary grade components, connectors and the cheap box, this would cost $AUD 115 / $USD 90 / EUR 70.

The “Ultra performance” version would include the upgrade components and a nicer box, this will set you back $AUD 175 / $USD 135 / EUR 105.

Shipping will be at cost, figure around $AUD 9 / $USD20 / EUR20.

You’ll need to get your own power supply plus a pulley to suit your table. You’ll also need the motor. If there is enough interest I could source both the motor and a “universal” pulley.

Bas Horneman 27th March 2006 09:46 PM


straightforward. You should be able to knock that up single sided pretty easily, so if only a small number of people are interested it would be quite feasable to roll-your-own.
Indeed. In that case Olimex could be the solution. (VSPS and phonoclone's are also made there)

Hopefully Mark Kelly has some ideas on this. For now...I want to measure interest.

Mark Kelly 27th March 2006 11:24 PM

I have already done a PCB design and sent it off to the fab house. I will build a couple of beta prototypes to ensure that everything is OK with layout etc., I would then be happy to put the kits together and send them out.

If we have six already I will get going on this as soon as I get back home and sleep for about a week - we have about three weeks of fruit left but the peak has passed and things get calmer now that most of the whites are in.

Werner 28th March 2006 05:20 AM

Just for the record (I'm one of the six):

-controller board, any parts that are not bog-standard

-no pulley, no motor

ARAD 28th March 2006 05:35 AM

Hi Bas,

I would be interested... Would it be possible to offer not only the motor but also a decent (can type) motor housing ? Something like a spare (blank) BIX housing would be wonderful.

Thanks and best regards,

Mark Kelly 28th March 2006 05:50 AM

I'll ask VinylAddict, he made one for his DIY table - he's the beta tester for my DC controller efforts so he has the appropriate motor. His work is beautiful so it may not be cheap.

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