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Maxhawk 29th July 2005 10:41 PM

Soft switch version 2 anyone?
After the first group buy of the soft switch circuit, I continued to get emails from people interested in the kit. I've made a version 2 which includes the following improvements:

1. Replace the hard-to-obtain MAX6816 (debounce IC) with a CD4013.
2. Added a high current relay to switch up to 15A AC.
3. Added jumpers to make one board work with 115VAC and 230VAC.
4. Added an NTC thermistor for in-rush current limiting. The layout supports the popular CL-60 or larger CL-101 part.
5. Added a fuse (15A max) for the switched output.
6. Added an output for an optional current-limiting board.

You can find more info and pictures on my website:


Here is preliminary pricing:

$55 shipped (U.S.) includes everything.
$40 shipped (U.S.) minus the switch.
$15 shipped (U.S.) for PCB only.

International: add ~ $5-$10 depending on location.

The prices are higher than the previous GB because I'm including the transformer and high-current relay.

Please post or email if interested or if you have any comments, suggestions, etc. As interest grows I'll create a Wiki page.

hifimaker 30th July 2005 09:04 PM

I'd be interested in 2 and maybe 4 if I can get the funds together.

Thank you,


hifimaker 30th July 2005 09:10 PM

Thought of combining the soft start and soft switch boards together in one circuit?

That might be popular.


Maxhawk 30th July 2005 09:59 PM


Originally posted by dw8083
Thought of combining the soft start and soft switch boards together in one circuit?

That might be popular.

Part of the problem with that idea is size. I don't doubt that there are folks who would want it all in one board, however I think some won't have room for a "large" board and not everyone needs the current limiting resistors. In smaller power amps the CL60 will work fine.

Got you down for 2 to 4.


VT67 30th July 2005 10:04 PM

I'm also interested in such a device.


Maxhawk 31st July 2005 02:13 PM

The Wiki page is up. Please update your info.

Also send me an email with your request so I can have a record of who wants what as well as communicate with you directly. Your email address will remain confidential.

hifimaker 31st July 2005 03:55 PM

Hi Robert,

You might consider adding a GB close date and and estimated ship date to the wiki page to help set expectations.

One other idea. What if the soft start board was combined with soft switch, but seperated with a scoring line. There could be jumper pads from one board to the other. The boards could be easily split if space is an issue, or the soft start is not wanted. Depending upon the PCB vendor, there might not be any additional cost for taking this approach. The soft switch parts could be included as planned, and the soft start parts are up to the buyer.

Just a thought,


argofanatic 2nd August 2005 01:32 PM

G'Day Eh !
Hello fellow DIY'ers.
This is exactly what I was in the process of designing!
I would love to get on the list for this GB.

How do I go about signing up ?
I'd like Qty 1 Soft Switch (Full kit)
and Qty 8 of the Soft Start.


VT67 2nd August 2005 01:39 PM

See post #6. There's everyting you need to know.


Maxhawk 2nd August 2005 11:15 PM

I have updated the pricing on the Wiki page and I'm now accepting payments. I plan to start ordering parts on Aug 22, so this group buy will close on Aug 21. I will be ordering a limited amount of extra boards for those of you who procrastinate.

If you haven't yet, please send me an email directly so I can contact you directly if needed. Also check your info on the Wiki page and update any blanks (such as location).

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