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D_GR8_1 1st December 2004 08:42 PM

SYDNEY users - Sub Amp Module - 300W
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Hi guys,

I am sure most(some) or us have seen one of these modules before. They are resold from Jaycar for $399.

Here are their specs:

This is our top-of-the-line subwoofer amplifier module. As well as a phase reversal switch, Hi & Lo inputs, Hi & Lo outputs and an 'auto-on' function, this module features infrared remote control of both volume and crossover frequency. Now you can easily adjust the amp's output from anywhere in the room, making it ideal for adjusting the optimum settings from your favourite listening chair.
- Level control
- Phase control
- Variable crossover frequency
- Line level input
- Hi level input
- Auto on/off sensing

- Continuos output power: 350 watts RMS into 4 ohms & 240 watts RMS into 8 ohms
- Frequency response: 20 to 160 Hz
- Adjustable crossover: 50Hz to 160Hz
- THD: <0.1% - S/N ratio: >95db
- Bass boost: 6db @ 35Hz
- Input sensitivity @ max vol.: 120mV, Line out: 200mV @ max vol.
- Power: 240V 50Hz
- Module cutout approx 240W x 285mmH
- Remote receiver cutout 125W x 65Hmm.

I am looking to organise a group buy from a supplier of these modules which would mean that we will get them somewhere around the $AUS230-260 mark or even cheaper!!!

Anyone interested please express your interest here.

The only reason this is aimed at Sydney users only is due to the fact that I will need each individual person to pick them up rather than shipping them(because they weigh a lot)!!

D_GR8_1 1st December 2004 11:09 PM

I just confirmed the price for this module, and if we purchase 4 or more the price comes down to AU$205.

Now that's cheap!

I have seen this module run TWO subs (MTX 12" & JBL 10") and it still had more power than the subs could handle.

Jye 2nd December 2004 01:54 AM

Damn thatís a good price; can I ask who your supplier is?

I already have one of these amps but just out of interest have been watching them on eBay, and lately they have been sell from about $200 to $230 (+ $30 shipping) just in case anybody out of Sydney was looking for one.

Good find D_GR8_1 :)

rick57 2nd December 2004 02:15 AM

Iím in Melbourne and could be interested in two. I come to Sydney (my old home town) sometimes, so freight is not an issue.

I wonder whatís the lowest ohms it will handle? I'd guess about 3 ohms?

Jye I may look on eBay as well Ė whatís the make & model.
And have you compared itís sound to any other amps (not just plate - eg a 200 w home theatre amp)?



rick57 2nd December 2004 02:35 AM


So this is Jaycar stock-code AA0508.

There site states for 4 or more, the price is $305 Ėthatís 33% off! :cool:
Are you getting trade prices?


Brett 2nd December 2004 02:59 AM

I'm curious as I'd like to use this to power my forthcoming small bass guitar combo-thing as I have a tiny preamp and PS for the onboard electronics and building the amp into the back of the enclosure would make it very compact. It won't be run that hard as the speaker is 98dB.

I wonder if the filter can easily be bypassed?
For that price it's a worthwhile gamble though.

Cloth Ears 2nd December 2004 03:07 AM

Good price there, Brett!

I had a look at these, but I couldn't go with the 6dB of boost at 35Hz. I'm going to go for the Rythmik Audio 350W special edition instead - which is $199 + about $44 (slow boat) postage. Works out to around $320 in Aussie dollars.

Rick, I don't know whether they would offer a discount for multiple orders, but I could ask.

Sorry if this is a little off-thread, but I haven't seen many Australian group buys and I thought a word of congrats was in order.

D_GR8_1 2nd December 2004 03:28 AM

Yes guys, these are trade prices.

However I found out that we have to add GST to the final price so $205 + 20.50 = 225.50. Still not bad though.

Everyone that wants one could you please e-mail me at


Rick, the JAYCAR stock code is correct.

And if you do come to Sydney, when are you planning on comming next?

Once again, email me if you are expressing interest so I know for sure.

rick57 2nd December 2004 03:31 AM

I see the Rythmik Audio amps have caps (though 27000uF isnít a huge amount for a sub), I wonder if Jaycar amps do? Theyíd definitely be useful.

The Rythmik do seem better. What have you heard about these amps/ why did you choose them?

I think the benefit in going from 250 w to 350 w is unlikely to be really noticed. I think it would be better to put money into the optional Linkwitz Transform add-on board.

Will have a good look at the site etc tonight


D_GR8_1 2nd December 2004 03:34 AM

Just checked e-bay and there are two guys selling them.

1st one retails at $389.00 for BUY IT NOW

Second one is Auction.

Either way you look at it for $225 these amps are a bargain!

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