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Tea-Bag 1st September 2013 01:16 AM

GB for Salas Folded Simplistic Phono PCB
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I am proud to offer the Salas Folded Simplistic Phono Preamp PCB.

In Salas words :

"It uses a folded cascode input stage, passive RIAA filter, common source second stage, a source follower buffer with constant current bias. No form of feedback between stages is employed.
It can be made for different voltage gain. Input load is switchable. Suitable for LMC-MC-HMC-MM. (see build guide)
There is an official double layer PCB available for it that carries two channels and two MOSFET
shunt regulators.
It comes in one piece and it is pre-grooved to be breakable into separate channels."

The PCB is available for $52USD (~39 Euro).
The shipping costs is 8.00 USD (~6 Euro).
Accepting USD PayPal only.

This project took significant development costs and a long time cycle. It will probably be a limited edition for one or two runs depending on demand. Good components and nice boxes for it will be money well spent judging from my prototype's sonic results.

Minikits will be made available as well and will contain limited parts - resistors and transistors for the Shunt supply portion and the RIAA caps VISHAY MKP 1837.

Please subscribe to this thread as well as check out the sign up spread sheet for "Salas Board" in my signature.

Here is the minikit details.
It is designed to allow for a bulk packaging of parts to get transistors and resistors for the power supply, and some small parts for the phono section.

Price is $56.00

3MM /Green/Red LED 20ma D1-4 10/20
BC560C Fairchild High HFE (600 typical) Q3y 6
2SK117GR Q2,Q3,Q5 10
BC550C Fairchild HIGH HFE (600 typical) Q4x 6

Vishay CFP 15R 100PPM metal film 2-3W R1x 2
VISHAY - MRS25 Series .6W 6.2K 50ppm R3x (high IDSS) 2
MRS-25 9.1k R3x 2
MRS25 120R R2x,R4x 4
MRS25 33.2R R6x 2
MRS25 27.4R R6x (high IDSS) 2
Welwyn MFR4 1R2 1% 50ppm
R5x 2
Vishay CFP 1.2K 100ppm 2W R13 2
Bourns 3296Y 1K VR1 2
Bourns 3296Y 2K VR2 2

IRF9610PBF Q1x 2
IRF9530PBF Q6x 2
4 position SPST 2
KEMET 0.1uf 100v 5% C3x 2
Vishay MKP-1837 .047 1% C1 2
Vishay MKP-1837 .015 1% C2 2
Wima 150pf 2.5%, plus 100pf sytrene cap C2Y2+2 (to trim to liking)

2SK369BL matched pair - $10.00usd
2SK369BL matched quads - 25.00usd

2SK170BL's Q4 (8.2-8.5ma),Q5 (7.5-8.1ma),Q6 (8.6ma or higher ma idss) triple pairs - 28usd

PRP RIAA Resistor's 8usd for 4 resistors, enough for stereo set of boards
PRP 9372 1/4W 25ppm .1% 47K -2
PRP 9372 1/4W 25ppm .1%6.754k -2

Here is the new RAW PSU that people have requested. Use this before the Folded Boards Shunt Supply as described in Folded Guide.
These are 15.00 each.

1MOR 1st September 2013 03:26 AM

I am in for one board and one Minikit.

vgeorge 1st September 2013 09:25 AM

I' m in for a board too.

shoom 1st September 2013 09:55 AM

one board and one minikit for me please

VT67 1st September 2013 10:07 AM

Add myself to the list for a PCB and a Minikit


dimkasta 1st September 2013 10:09 AM

I m in for two boards and minikits. thanks a lot for doing this guys :)

merlin el mago 1st September 2013 10:13 AM

Add myself for one board & one minikit:)

Bksabath 1st September 2013 10:15 AM

BY time Salas get boards done !!!

I am in of course 2 boards 2 minikits prety please.

Rodeodave 1st September 2013 10:16 AM

I want one board please :)

skouliki 1st September 2013 11:05 AM

One board and minikit for me also.Thanks Salas and Tea-bag

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