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SRMcGee 3rd March 2013 05:51 PM

Large Illuminated Anti-Vandal Switch

Langir, a Chinese manufacturer of switches (amongst other things) offers a line of handsome, substantial-looking illuminated anti-vandal switches with a maximum switch rating of 250V / 5A. Similar-looking anti-vandal switches from Bulgin, e-switch and Schurter either have far lower DC switch ratings or are far more expensive than Langir's offerings. The Langir anti-vandal product line can be found at http://www.vandal-resistant-switch.c...ant-switch.pdf

My preference is for the L25 series at the end of the .pdf, and I particularly like the blue ring variant. I'd like to gauge everyone's interest in a group buy for the following configuration: L25-F/R Z2 A R B 24

Here's a link to a photo of the switch: China Anti Vandal Pushbutton Switch (25mm) LED Lamp Available (L25F) - large image for Vandal Resistant Switch If anyone knows how to paste a photo of the switch to this thread, I'd be grateful for the help.

This model is a latching switch and the logic behind a 24 volt version is that, to my newbie perspective, its LED could be connected to diyaudio's soft start pcb in lieu of R19 and LED1 (corrections to my assumption would be appreciated). Finding a way to feed the switch's LED 24v probably wouldn't be difficult for those not using diyaudio's soft start pcb, either.

Langir has a minimum order quantity of 20 units for the single-color L25 switches. They have quoted me a price of under $9 per unit (based on 20 units). I would offer the switches at my cost, and figure that with shipping to my door, a $1/unit donation to diyaudio, paypal fees and shipping to North American addresses, the cost to you would be under $17 for the first switch and under $12 for each additional switch.

I suspect the additional expense of shipping to addresses outside of North America would unreasonably increase the delivered cost. To leverage a larger group's buying power, I invite someone in the EU to join me in hosting this group buy. Getting Langir to ship our order of switches to two addresses instead of one should be no big deal, and with larger volumes we may see slightly better delivered prices.

Sorry for rambling on. Is anyone interested?


TheShaman 3rd March 2013 09:44 PM

They're a great source of vandal-resistant switches - some of which are, as you mention, unique in their combination of features. This is their website, if I'm not mistaken.

Btw, I've ordered samples in the past and their quality is top notch. Made me wonder why there hadn't been any GBs going on. ;)

Dane 3rd March 2013 10:27 PM

1 or perhaps 2, just to try them out.

auplater 3rd March 2013 10:59 PM


SRMcGee 4th March 2013 11:51 AM


Let's see how much interest there is.

SRMcGee 6

billyk 4th March 2013 11:59 AM

I would be in for a few.

ElEsido 4th March 2013 02:35 PM

I'd participate in a European GB for this. Cant host it, though (am in Switzerland, ridiculous shipping charges from here to EU countries.)

dudaindc 4th March 2013 06:06 PM

I am interested - even more if the finish is anodized aluminum. :rolleyes:

SRMcGee 4th March 2013 07:07 PM

The switch I am proposing is anodized aluminum -- the "A" in the configuration (L25-F/R Z2 A R B 24) designates anodized aluminum instead of steel.

Can we get a rolling count on this switch? Please add your names and quantity to the list:

SRMcGee 6 units

alfa147x 4th March 2013 08:32 PM

Is red the only option for the LED?

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