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Llama16 11th September 2012 01:35 PM

O2 Front Panel INTEREST POLL your own design
Hello everyone

I might be able to get my hands on a laser cutter/engraver.
It'll be able to engrave and cut the following materials. (not PVC)
Laser cutting acrylic,paper,cardboard,textile,leather,wood - materials

As I myself have gone through the different groupbuys, I figured I couldn't participate as one of the holes (on my O2) is slightly elevated. I had to drill my own holes, which didn't turn out that great. Thanks to swalter I'll soon be able to give it another try.

But wouldn't it be even easier to cut/engrave your own designs, without the high cost of a professional front panel designer.

I'll be able to cut/engrave any design that's made in inkscape. (the machine cuts the red lines and engraves the black lines). I can just put the designs of everyone together and then cut it in one go out of a certain material for a low cost. I'll see how much time I put into it. I'm a student so yes, I hope to use it to make a little profit out of it.

Here's how I plan on going about business:
As this would be my first go at organising a GB, I won't try and risk to make myself a bad name by taking payments and delivering a bad product.

That's why I was thinking to gather the designs from everyone (which should be all in order and don't require any editing of me, I'll explain later), cut/engrave them and send them to you.

If you decide that the quality is not on par (which I doubt as I wouldn't send it in the first place), you can choose to only pay me the cost of the shipping.
If you're happy with it, I would appreciate it if you would send a small extra fee to compensate for me bothering :p and putting my scarce student free time into it. I think the DIYaudio is a place where I can rely on people to use this system correctly.

Another point of note: I'll probably first start with 10/20 orders, and see how much time is involved into software/cutting/packing/shipping. If things go as planned I might enlarge, but keep in mind, it's a big IF.

Also: When you would be sending your design, I will expect of you that it's already exported to inkscape (which can be directly exported from frontpaneldesigner software). I also rely on you that the lines are in the correct colors: cutting=red, engraving=black. The machine cuts the thinnest red line, allthough take in account that the cutting is a minimal of 0.5mm wide at worst. I know for a fact that if you're not used to inkscape, it's a hassle, it still is for me. It would be too much time if I needed to edit everything myself.

I'll be able to easily use MDF of 3.4mm-1cm (I'll see if it can engrave 2mm, but of that I'm not sure) and clear plexi of 2mm-1cm. Other materials that are useable (see link), I would kindly ask you to provide them yourself, I don't have the time to run around, buying things and keep track of the costs.

Some examples of the MDF engraving and cutting that we did. I also know for a fact that I can use plexi easily.
I've also got a pic of the engraving, I'll try and link it later.

This is just an interest check for anyone that wants to have their own front panel design. I will first have to try it out myself, but I've seen amazing results. It could very well be that nothing comes of this because it doesn't turn out good

Kind regards,

Llama16 12th September 2012 05:23 PM

Seems like there's no interest at all, that's ok ;). If soeone has to get something lasercut, give me a pm

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