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Lazybutt 15th February 2012 04:34 PM

GB for DIY Curve Tracer for PC

After a first interest check, I am pleased to open the group buy for Locky_Z DIY Curve Tracer.

First some introduction / warnings:
I live in China, and I learnt the existence of this DIY Curve tracer thanks to diyAudio member Amplifire who told me this could be interesting, and would make some people happy if I could organize a group buy (apparently he was right !)
My Goal is to allow the purchase of this device by taking advantage of my location in China, and contribute to this great forum

I am not the designer of this curve tracer, and at the moment I have not even used one yet. So I will be unable to support anyone with the operation.

Locky_Z is very nice and helpful, and I'm sure he will do his best to help, but the sales is done without any commitment from my side or his side
There should also be other DIYAudio members who have already purchased and used the unit who might provide some support
A user manual in simple english is available (and at first glance should be sufficient to understand the device and software operation)
By adhering to this group buy, I assume that you know perfectly what you are purchasing, and that you will know how to use it.

As I said, I don't want to make a profit from the operation, but I don't want to lose money either. These group buys are time consuming, and somewhat of a headache, and I do this on top of my spare and family time.
Last: You may have to be patient. These are made by hand, and I have a life and job besides that. I will ask you to pay only a few days before shipment

What are we talking about?
We are talking about a kit to make a DIY Curve tracer designed and built by Locky_Z in China that can measure a lot of different devices under a lot of different conditions.
The kit consists of a readily assembled PCB with all components soldered, tested and calibrated by Locky_Z (as in the photo below)

(For weight reasons, no fully boxed set will be provided)
To be operationnal, the user will need to provide his own power supply (32-40 Vdc @ 2.5A), heatsink for Power transistors, and casing.

For the PSU, look for HP printer power supplies on eBay as Amplifier advises: These happen to be what Locky_z uses in his boxed units.
For the heatsink, a small aluminum "L" shaped bar will do

The kit is supplied with a CD containing the calibration parameters of each single unit. Each unit will be different to this respect.
Note: Locky_Z informed me that some of the components are from dismantled equipment (second hand): relays, power transistors, DAC... . They will have a "used" look, but they are normally perfectly functionnal.
Each unit will be supplied with the corresponding software and calibration parameters in an .ini file.

More info here:

DIY Rules apply..... so there will obviously be no warranty. One of the main reasons is the units cannot practically be returned to China because of prohibitive Import Duties.

Tracked shipment from China are not cheap, but to avoid any claims, I will only offer tracked shipment through EMS. Increasing somewhat the price, but reducing time to delivery, and making things clearer for everyone.

Note: I am happy to make a grouped shipment to any continent if someone wants to organize the local dispatch.

Price for an assembled, tested and calibrated unit which means PCB+components only (NO power supply, NO chassis) + CD and manual is 66 Euro + shipping cost. (Paypal included)

Then you add the real EMS cost (updated March 17th)
Shipment to Australia: ~24 euro
Shipment to USA : ~27 euro
Shipment to Europe and Canada: ~30 euro

More info here: International EMS Price List - EMS China

Payment will be in Euro only, by Paypal, payment in advance. transfer to a family member or friend to avoid fees)
Bank transfer possible for Eurozone residents (2 euros discount if you chose this option)

Rules (instructions):
If you are interested, and adhere to the group buy rules:
1-you copy the existing name list and add your name at the end,..
2-you contact me by PM with your coordinates
I will need
- Full Name
- Full Address
- Phone number (for customs declaration)
- Payment choice: Paypal or IBAN / Bank transfer (EUROZONE residents only)
3- Then you wait for my instructions for payment and details (Locky_z will build them one by one, so I will not ship them all at once... just be a little patient)

4- After payment, I will send your unit to specified address and give you the tracking number
5- (optional) You can confirm reception by PM or in the thread to reassure me and help me sleep better, with the satisfaction of the job done !

I plan to organize one run of the group buy only for now.
No more orders will be taken after 28th March at midnight

That's it.. yes these are long instructions... But this GB is taking a lot of time and is not the easiest to organize (all communication with Locky_z and post office is in chinese which I don't speak well say the least...).
=> Please respect it to prevent me from constantly chasing your information (there are 40 people in the GB now... imagine if I have to send 2 or 3 reminder to everyone until all info is complete + 2 reminders for payment, etc...)

let me know if I forgot anything !


Lazybutt 15th February 2012 04:44 PM

Link to the users Manual in english

Lazybutt 15th February 2012 04:52 PM

And the schematic, so you have everything in hands now...



kannan_s 15th February 2012 04:54 PM

Add my name DIYAUDIO user name
kannan_s USA

Bksabath 15th February 2012 05:06 PM

Add my name DIYAUDIO user name
kannan_s USA
Bksabath UK.

FdW 15th February 2012 05:07 PM

To be sure my name is on the list (I did say yes in the 'DIY Curve Tracer for PC' thread), I here repeat my request:

Yes I want on the list :)


barryblue 15th February 2012 05:35 PM


One for me please.

AmpliFire 15th February 2012 08:57 PM


Compliments for how you took this on and how you organised it !! We own you big time.

You can add me on the list, but as I said other folks can go before me, so put me on the bottom of the list, and I'll take one if any left.

kannan_s (USA)
Bksabath (UK)
Amplifire (France)


Geofd 15th February 2012 09:24 PM

Please put me down for 1

kannan_s (USA)
Bksabath (UK)
Amplifire (France)
Geofd (Switzerland)



John Luckins 15th February 2012 10:24 PM

Ca you please put me down for 1 as well:

kannan_s (USA)
Bksabath (UK)
Amplifire (France)
Geofd (Switzerland)
John Luckins (UK)

Many thanks


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