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Jokener 31st August 2011 10:24 AM

O2 amp parts GB, EU
Here we go: After timpert suggested to look for the O2 parts in the EU, we found a couple of parts were difficult to source.
RocketScientist then revised the BOM to use only parts available directly from Mouser.
And since everything seems golden now, we can go ahead with a group buy for the O2 parts.

Since nobody else stopped me from doing so, I would like to offer to host this GB.

As I dont have an established reputation in this forum, I would of course be willing to send my personal details, eBay Name or other forum refernces to an established DIYaudio-member or two.

I used RocketScientists O2-BOM as-is without modifications or going for any of the listed alternatives.
This means there are NO 9V batteries, NO wall transformer, NO aluminum enclosure and also NO low-power Op Amps, "Desktop O2"-Parts, or solder/wick included in the kits.
However, all gain resistors are included. These cost between 1 and 2 total and it greatly simplifies the bagging/sorting process for me if I don't have to match resistors to Names...

If desired, you can add parts from Mouser to your order of an O2 kit.
That means if you do want to use the low-power OpAmps, build a desktop version of the O2 or anything of the sort, that is possible.
Simply state the number of O2 kits you would like and add the MOUSER part numbers and the desired quantities.
Please don't assume any volume discounts other than those coming from your own parts, also I can not guarantee availability of any extras at the time I place the order with Mouser.
Also, if your parts are large or heavy, the shipping costs from me to you may increase.

Currently, the Mouser order adds up to the following prices:
Quantity: 1 - 41.72 / kit (incl shipping)
Quantity: 10 - 20.72 / kit (free shipping)
Quantity: 20 - 19.63 / kit (free shipping)
Qunatity: 50 - 16.37 / kit (free shipping)
Quantity: 100 - 15.02 / kit (free shipping)
As you can see, the sweet spots are 10 and 100 kits. I expect more than 10 orders, but less than 100 (happy to be proven wrong btw).

Most countries (EU at least) should be covered by the 3.45 rate of the Deutsche Post / DHL .
(50 to 500 grams, priority air mail, cushioned envelope possible, shipment of goods is allowed)
Additional insurance is available (2.05 base rate + 1.55 per 100 of value) -> +3.55 for most small quantities.

Additionally, I will need to buy envelopes and ESD-bags...
My current estimate for these is 1 per order for envelopes and ESD bags

Long story short: We will probably end up with around 20 to 50 kits.
Everything included, I expect the total price to be 27 for one kit + 22 per additional kit.
This is subject to change as Mouser prices may go up or down and I have not yet bought the envelopes or ESD-bags...

Payment is possible via PayPal, bank transfer or cash in an envelope if absolutely necessary.

My Questions for you:
1. Do you want to order the enclosures too? That would increase shipping costs from me to you but may end up saving you money.
2. Batteries? With or without? What brand/dealer would you like/recommend?
3. Anything else I may have missed?

Gentlemen, start your engines!

igor0203 31st August 2011 10:39 AM

I'm definitely for enclosures also.

And BTW, you can count me in for 2 kits.

Jerom 31st August 2011 11:04 AM

Exactly the same than igor0203: at least I will need one enclosure.

I would like one kit.

Thank for the work Jokener!

lenconian 31st August 2011 11:05 AM

Allright then, I'm in for one kit. I'd also like to have:

Quantity Item Mouser Parts Number
1 Female RCA Jack Gold Red Insulator 568-NYS367-2
1 Female RCA Jack Gold White Insulator 568-NYS367-9
1 Vertical Mount 1/4" 3 Conductor Phone Jack 568-NJ3FD-V
1 wall transformer 553-WAU12-200

Personally, I don't need the batteries or enclosure.
One thing we need to discuss ( I guess ) is which volume pot are we going to order?

Thanks for putting up the group buy by the way, hopefully we'll see a lot of participation:cheers:

Oh and on a sidenote. I do find the original, plasticky volume button a bit ugly. I have not had a look at other possibilities yet, but if a metal one would be just a tiny bit more expensive, maybe we could settle for that?

timpert 31st August 2011 11:18 AM

I want two kits! And one enclosure, should you decide on buying those too.

By the way, thanks for picking this up.

One suggestion: don't include batteries, as they are very common and preferences may vary. This saves you some hassle and shipping cost. Ebay is full of them, for about half what they cost in most electronics stores. That is, if you don't care for the fancy label brands. Particularly good deals seem to be available from the UK and Germany. I just purchased these:


Jokener 31st August 2011 12:48 PM

Well, if the cases are indeed wanted badly, I will see if or where I can find decent cases.
Any input or experiences with vendors for the cases are appreciated.

@Lenconian: I have selected the RK09712200MC Alps pot.
Its specifications are identical to the RK09712200HA pot, only shaft length is 15mm instead of 20mm.
It is my understanding that the new PCB design accomodates both 15mm and 20mm parts.
If absolutely necessary, I will make it an option to replace the pot, but I'd prefer to have the base-kit identical for everybody.

As for the metal knob: My local dealer had one nice black aluminum knob with a red line.
I bought it for 12,99€ ^^
If you find a knob from Mouser that you like better, you can just order it via the "extras"...

@timpert: If there is enough interest, I'll be happy to throw the batteries in the mix. The 500g shipping limit should suffice.
Mouser only supplies lousy 9V blocks, so they are not an option.
For myself, I will most likely go with two 7x (8.4V) Sanyo Eneloop XX packs, but thats just me.
If there is no common preference for the batts, I'll not include them as they are available locally for everybody.

thegr8brian 31st August 2011 01:33 PM

How much would shipping to the US be? I would also be interested in the case.

timpert 31st August 2011 01:46 PM

@ Joneker: How 'bout this: we do a separate EU group buy for the enclosures. I'd be happy to pull that one, since you relieved me of the components group buy.

zoidbergslo 31st August 2011 01:47 PM

One kit for me please.

slatedk 31st August 2011 02:21 PM

I am interested in 2 kits.
And if we can settle on a sexy looking case, knobs etc I am game.... yes still talking electronics ;-)

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