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Gluca 6th June 2011 10:45 PM

PCB for cascoded IXYS CCS (tube)
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Interest for the CCS+regulator PCB from the IXYS GB

Jaap (Netherland) : 4
gmant123 (Argentina): 10
SigFire (Germany): 4-6
au-trovaille (Netherlands): 4

Comment on the schematic:
1) on the left the hi voltage regulator ... nothing fancy, just a CCS shunting a R and setting the gate voltage for the pass MOSFET
2) CCS PCB is stereo and can be used as anode load or cathode load (no regulator). mu-follower output possible.
3) price should be <5euro per piece. It might be cheaper if we avoided the regulator but it really helps if you want to use the mu-follower output.

BDL 7th June 2011 06:46 PM

Jaap (Netherland) : 4
gmant123 (Argentina): 10
SigFire (Germany): 4-6
au-trovaille (Netherlands): 4
BDL (Romania): 4

Gluca 8th June 2011 05:09 AM


Originally Posted by revintage from the other thread
Hey guys,
To get the icing on the cake, is there anyone who has a descent Spice model of the IXYS? How it works IRL has been shown and measured by MJK.

I do not have the IXYS model but the regulated max current goes from a minimum of ~zero to over the maxmum rating of the FET with a 47ohm + 500ohm multiturns pot (R102 and P100/R202 and P200 in my schem). Each pair biases at its own current vs resistor setting due to parameters scatter.

Gluca 22nd June 2011 06:00 PM

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I removed the pre-regulator as I see there is not interest in it and made the board smaller. It is now 5cmx6cm (two CCS on board). This will make the production run cheaper.

so far we are in the 30-40 boards volume (including me) ... we need more to cut down prices. We were 32 in the FETs group buy.

Audiofanatic 22nd June 2011 07:08 PM

Hi Gianluca,

How many pieces do you need to cut down the price.
If it's not more than ten then I'm willing to order 10 pieces!
How about a separate PCB for the HV regulator ? I'm willing to take 10 ore more of that one too.


Audiofanatic ;)

Gluca 22nd June 2011 07:28 PM

I still don't know exactly the prices. I guess it should be in the 4euro per board now. I will try to estimate the prices tonight (I'll use olimex as said).

Using external heatsinks would make the board much smaller and cheaper but it is way more safe (for the fets) to have completely isolated heatsinks. I fried many of them because the tab was shorting to ground through the heatsink. An other option is to use share the heatsink (bigger) between Q100 and Q200 but i don't like the idea so much.

I can draft again a separate board for the regulator but there are better regulators out there, mine was just plain and simple as it was using the same fets of the CCS. Anyway the preregulator is not necessary unless you are using the mu-out with a poor regulated PSU and in a preamp, in all other cases you are always good to go with a just the CCS.

polin 22nd June 2011 07:37 PM

PCB ccs
Ciao gluca
Ti rispondo dato che su audiofaidate mi hai detto di prenotare qui. IL mio nick qui diverso (stereosound su audiofaidate).
Se possibile mi prenoto per 2 pz.

pinkmouse 22nd June 2011 08:16 PM


English please Polin, or at least a translation as well.

polin 22nd June 2011 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by polin (
Ciao gluca
Ti rispondo dato che su audiofaidate mi hai detto di prenotare qui. IL mio nick qui diverso (stereosound su audiofaidate).
Se possibile mi prenoto per 2 pz.

Hello gluca
You say because of audiofaidate you told me to book here. My nickname here is different (stereosound of audiofaidate).
If I can book for 2 pcs. [/ QUOTE]

pinkmouse 22nd June 2011 08:22 PM

Thanks! :D

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