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Rudi_Ratlos 8th August 2011 03:59 PM


I will make them available.

The price depends on how many orders I will receive.

The price will be 11, if I order 10 PCBs, it will be 9, if the quantity that I order exceeds 25 PCBs.

I have closed the German group-buy 2 weeks ago, expect the PCBs to arrive by the end of this week and will wait for the first feedbacks of the German DIYers, until I will offer these PCBs in this forum as well.

Best regards - Rudi_Ratlos

Rudi_Ratlos 12th August 2011 07:12 PM


I received the PCBs from the etching company today.
They look beautiful and precious.

Here it is:

Best regards - Rudi_Ratlos

loek 13th August 2011 02:12 PM

Red is beautifullllllll.

Rudi_Ratlos 13th August 2011 02:56 PM

Yes, Loek!

Red: is the colour of love, of emotion, of blood -is the colour of sound!

Best regards - Rudi_Ratlos

John Luckins 18th August 2011 01:56 PM

Hi Rudi,

I like the design of this amp a lot and much prefer the T03 devices. Local decoupling of these, the Cap multipliers and good layout round it off nicely.

Do you think you could please put me down for 4 Boards when they become available. The plan is for 2 X Bridged monoblocks.

Regards and thanks


Rudi_Ratlos 19th August 2011 02:52 PM

My German DIY - friends have already begun to assemble the beautiful TO-3 SYMASM PCB - Round#2:

I still wait, until a couple of them have successfully finished their build and say: "Whow: what a beautiful sound!".

Best regards - Rudi_Ratlos

digits 19th August 2011 03:47 PM

Nice work Rudi, sadly Red is also the colour of my bank balance this month.

Rudi_Ratlos 29th August 2011 05:12 PM

I am very happy (and a little bit proud) to tell you that I received several very positive feedbacks of my German DIY - friends.

The TO-3 SYMASYM V2 - PCB that I offered them is perfect.
It is absolutely error-free (!), and - what is more important -: this AMP "can play (with) your music."
It is praised for its silk highs, mature, real midranges and controlled, black bass.

I will offer this PCB to you now: the group-buy for the TO-3 SYMASYM V2 is open!

I (!) cannot compete with the technological skills of the Brazilian or Australian AMP Guru, offering AMP PCBs currently as well!

But the TO-3 SYMASYM can compete with their creations! I am absolutely sure about this!
The SYMASYM has been designed by Michael Bittner.

Refer to this thread please:

I merely changed the output to include a pair of TO-3s (my hommage to the TO-3 sound).
(Rumours have it that OnSemi will discontinue the production of TO-3s.)

I also included CAP-multipliers with clipping diodes, so that my TO-3 SYMASYM can be operated from a wide range of transformers,
and layouted it on PCBs with the best quality that you can imagine.

This is the result:

You can go for it!

What will I offer you?

A PCB with the best available quality (2mm FR4 PCB, plated-through holes, 70m copper tracks, covered with gold immersion,
proven layout, ..., simply: perfect),
the TO-3 SYMASYM Builder's Manual, the BoM, the needed 4 pairs of output-transistors (MJ21193/MJ21194) for the 1st three of you,
who want to have, ... and an incredibly life, real and beautiful sound.

The price?

11€ per PCB if I receive orders for less than 10PCBs (that would be a shame) , 9€ per PCB, if I receive orders for more than 25 PCBs.

Shipment is: 3.45€ worldwide.

Best regards - Rudi_Ratlos

andreasw 29th August 2011 09:22 PM

Hello Rudi,

I will take 2 PCB.

Best regards

John Luckins 30th August 2011 08:50 AM

Great news Rudi, congratulations.

I'll go for the 4 boards (as requested in post 25 above)

Thanks and regards


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