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rakeshpoorun 6th April 2011 04:05 PM

Group Buy: Fane 8M Studio 50 units production run
Hello everyone:

Fane Acoustics has agreed to produce a limited run of the now discontinued Fane 8M Studio drivers if a minimum order of 50 units can be filled. I am looking for firm expressions of interest for at least 25 pairs of drivers. If you are interested, please contact me on:

I am quoting from an email from the company: "The speaker will be manufactured to the same specification as the original unit, the only difference will be that there will be no rubber magnet tire on the new batch as this part is now obsolete with our supplier."

I talked to the manager of Fane International and asked for further assurances in writing that these new drivers would use exactly the same parts as the vintage drivers. I am quoting from another email below:

"Hi Rakesh

As per (conversation) today. I can guarantee that all the parts in the new STUDIO 8M.8 Speaker will be the same as the original ones that were used to manufacture them 20 years ago. As I advised earlier today the only thing that we can not (supply) on these speakers is the rubber tyre trim on the magnet. However, this does not at all alter the performance of the speaker.

Magnets are the same .Coils, Suspensions are the same, Cone is the same and dust caps are the same. Hope this is enough information for you to place a new order with us. (Also), can you please let Daniel Barnes (know) if you want the ones you sent back repairing? Please bear in mind that to make 50 more of these we would need at least 4 weeks lead time. This is to enable me to buy all the right components.

Susan Goodyear
Production Manager

You can pay by credit card or paypal, directly to Audio Components of Wokingham. John Bryant, owner and director of Audio Components UK Ltd (Tel 00 (44)118 989 0151), and a very talented and experienced loudspeaker designer and restorer, will take the payment from you.

Loudspeaker Design| Loudspeaker Drive Units| Loudspeaker Measurement, Restoration, Repair Services

By opting to pay by credit card or paypal, you will benefit from the usual protection given to such purchases.

You can check with Fane International that both Audio Components and myself have contacted them (ask for Daniel Barnes or Susan Goodyear, production manager).

I would prefer not to spend the rest of the summer waiting for the 50 units minimum order to be reached. So all orders made and paid for by 15th April will be at the special price of 225 for ONE PAIR of Fane 8M Studio, plus VAT plus shipping, in the UK or in the EU, or 225 plus shipping for the rest of the world (no VAT but you may have to pay duties at your end). This is an offer open until 15th April after which the price will be 265. As for shipping, this will be 20 in the uk, 30 for the European Union, 50 for the USA, inclusive of insurance. For the rest of the world, I am afraid you will have to contact me for shipping quotes. For you to be eligible, it is necessary not just to place an order but also to make payment in full by 15th April. Remember that if you opt to pay by paypal, there is an additional fee of 4 % and if by credit card, a fee of 3%. You can of course avoid these charges by using a debit card or by bank transfer if you prefer.

Why the special offer? Two reasons. Firstly, in order to encourage filling the minimum order, so the drivers can be ordered from Fane as soon as possible. I will also be looking to move to France during the summer holidays and with the stress that this will inevitably entail, I would be grateful if this was all concluded well before then.

From emails I have received, it is clear that even in cases where people have lingering doubts as to whether the new Fane 8M will be exactly the same (the criterion that I think will be satisfied), still it is thought that this is the closest one can get to have new Fane 8M Studio drivers performing very closely to the old production units.

This is a remarkable opportunity, even if your plan to build an upperbass horn is in the future. Given how rare these drivers have become, how unlikely that those sourced on the second hand market will actually even be in good condition after 20 years since they were manufactured in some cases and having lived a hard life in a studio environment. To add insult to injury, some of these old Fane 8Ms will have been reconed with compatible parts and not original Fane reconing kits of course. I recently contacted a very famous loudspeaker repair specialist in Wembley, and as it turned out, the reconing kits they use for servcing Fane 8M are not original, just compatible parts, presumably made in China I would say given the price. I think that many Fane 8M out there will have been reconed at some point and it may well be they were not with the Fane reconing kits. So much for the guarantee of performance from old vintage Fane 8Ms bought on ebay or elsewhere (as mine are)!

Best regards

agent.5 6th April 2011 08:49 PM

I am interested. Email sent

anubisgrau 8th April 2011 10:12 AM

what if we pay in before 15th and we don't reach a requested quota?

rakeshpoorun 8th April 2011 10:30 AM

If the order is not filled then I would have Audio Components refund the funds paid by all interested parties. There is the matter of fees to be paid in returning these funds. I could contribute half of the fees charged in refunding out of my own pocket. I hope people will find this fair.

There is a better solution and this is what I propose. I would strongly urge those who are interested to make a firm commitment to purchase on this thread and send me their contact details. I will have to take these commitments on trust but I think we need a lot of trust for a group buy of this sort to work. In this way, everyone will know exactly how many are being ordered and whether the order book is being fulfilled. Once the correct number of orders is received, I will ask everyone to confirm with Audio Components who will take their payments. This means there is no payment made until we are sure the minimum number of drivers can be reached.

What do you think?

Best regards

anubisgrau 8th April 2011 11:24 AM

this is a good idea. a commitment could be public here.

i will think again and let you know.

for how many pairs you have interest so far? in case i go for this, i would need 2 pairs.

rakeshpoorun 8th April 2011 11:27 AM

Very good. Let me know what you decide.


agent.5 10th April 2011 02:20 AM

1 pair (2 units) committed.

stickinsect 10th April 2011 06:13 AM

I will go for a pair.

rakeshpoorun 10th April 2011 08:36 AM

First of all, I would like to thank all those who have given this group buy some momentum. Gordan (A.K.A "Anubisgrau") a friend pointed me to the thread at Hifiwigwam that you started - many thanks indeed.

Chen, "agent.5," has confirmed his interest here AND contacted me with his contact details.

"Stickinsect," can you please do so as well?

There are a number of other people who have contacted me, some of whom have expressed interest in up to three pairs. I am asking everyone to post here and send me their contact details before registering these as 'firm orders.'

Thanks everyone

Miab 10th April 2011 01:38 PM

Will these be 8 or 16ohm drivers?

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