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dvb projekt 24th May 2010 06:18 PM

"Reference" TDA1541A DAC with I2S-BUS architecture
After finalizing my "Reference" TDA1541A DAC with I2S-BUS architecture and many requests about that,
i am now starting a GB with itīs modules.

The single stages of the project, you could read HERE.

"Reference" TDA1541A DAC project module summary

The latest DAC version: "The new Red Baron V5.0"

The main goals:

- Modular architecture to get max. flexibility
- DAC cascadable
- Compl. I2S-BUS architecture

In the modular design i see the main advatage.
Every stage could be build upon the requirements:

- PS section
- Regulator section
- Input section
- DAC section
- Output section

Now here are the Modules

+/- Power Supply Module

- up to 15 caps per rail (16mm to 18mm diameter)
- place for decoupling foil cap in each rail
- place for bleeder resistor
- 105ĩm copper weight
- 2mm pcb
- Immersion Gold
- green soldermask on both side
- Board size 195mm x 120mm

Shunt regulator modules
circuit design by Salas

- Shunt regulator module for TDA1541A (+5V, -5V, -15V)
- separate Shunt regulator module for additional parts (+5V)
- 70ĩm copper weight
- 2mm pcb
- Immersion Gold
- green soldermask on both side
- Board size 147mm x 115mm (46mm x 115mm; single +5V)

TDA1541A DAC Module

- separate TL431 Shunt regulators for each voltage line
- independent voltage rail for the DEM reclock circuit
- I2S attenuator circuit
- shortest possible position for decoupling caps
- separate ground line for decoupling caps
- Ground plane
- 2mm pcb
- Immersion Gold
- green soldermask on both side
- 35ĩm copper weight
- Board size 125mm x 125mm

The prices are:

+/- Power Supply Module: $23
TDA1541A shunt regulator Module: $20
Shunt regulator Module for add. +5V line: $10
TDA1541A DAC Module: $15

Worldwide shipping: $ 9
Europe shipping: $ 5
paypal fee: 3,9%

The prices will include a donation of $3 USD to diyAudio for every pcb sold.

For all who want to order a module of my "Reference TDA1541A DAC Project",
please send a mail to diyaudiopcb (at) with your paypal address.

dvb projekt 25th May 2010 03:00 PM

For those who want to build this DAC and donīt have a TDA1541A DAC chip,

ebay seller cusackmusic sells new NOS ones



dvb projekt 30th May 2010 08:42 AM

Production of TDA1541A DAC Module getīs updated Layout
The production of the TDA1541A DAC Module getīs some small updates!

As you see, i corrected my small GND-Line failure at the DEM-CLK IC.
The needed connection between the GND-Line of the TDA & add. DEM-CLK IC are now connected on board.
So no external cable is necessary.

Also i insert a 2nd resistor for the -15V TL431 setting. So it is possible to insert two 10K0 resistors in parallel or one 5K0 solo.
Surely you can solder the two 10K0 one on the other as on my prototype pcb, but i think this looks better ;)

To keep the GND connection of the 14 TDA decoupling caps as short as possible, i change the GND-Pinīs to the top-layer (GND-Plane).


dvb projekt 30th May 2010 10:49 AM

For all who sign up in the Pre-Order excel sheet,

please mail me your paypal address to:

diyaudiopcb (at)

You get your invoice for your pre-ordered modules soon.


dvb projekt 1st June 2010 11:52 AM


toufu 1st June 2010 10:29 PM

One can never have one too many DAC. Put me down for one, Oliver! :p

dvb projekt 2nd June 2010 05:19 AM


Originally Posted by toufu (
One can never have one too many DAC. Put me down for one, Oliver! :p

:) OK!

Please add yourself the wanted modules the google excel sheet (link in my signature) and

mail me your paypal address as written.


dvb projekt 4th June 2010 07:39 PM

Hi to all,

all pre ordered and payed modules are schedule to dispatch around Jun 23, 2010.


dvb projekt 8th June 2010 07:23 PM

Additional offer
For those who are also interested in the much faster NL17SZ02,
you could order my 74HC02 - NL17SZ02 adapter pcb.

It will be shipped "ready to use" as on the photo below!

The price for it is $7,50
paypal fee: 3,9%

I add a new row in the google excel sheet for it ;)


Haguedik 9th June 2010 08:33 PM

Hi to all,
Very interesting thread.
-In order to understand this global project, where can i get schematic of it?
-My power amplifier needs 200mV to Pmax and Zinput is 40K : do I need preamplifier or I/V stage is able to drive directly my amplifier?
-I don't see any output filter, that means preamplifier do the job?

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