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ernesternest 13th February 2010 06:00 PM

Another European AD1865N-K GB

would like to order AD1865N-K from Digikey. Minimum order is 15 pcs, but I need just 1 or 2 for Andrea Ciuffoli's DAC. Price there (now) is 25 Euros a piece plus 19% German VAT.

So I'm looking for a few nice people who would need some too. They don't have it in stock, so patience is needed. I think, it takes 7 weeks to get them delivered.

Besides that I'll order DALE resistors, Panasonic resistors and electrolytis for this project as well. If you were interested in that as well...



vzs 13th February 2010 06:36 PM

Hi ernesternest!

I'm interested in AD1865N-K, count me with 1.

Depending on the prices you know for the other components I might be interested as well. From where do you plan to buy them?


NICKEL 13th February 2010 06:51 PM

Hi ernesternest

I interested too, certainly in one 1865, but the other components too, depending on the price.

Many thanks


ernesternest 13th February 2010 10:07 PM


prices will be Digikey prices plus 19% German VAT.
In a few days I'll look after prices and post it here.
Depending on weight I'll send registered letters, which are rather safe and not expensive.

Cheers Ernst

Jogi 14th February 2010 11:59 AM

Hi Ernst,

of course you can count me in, I guess for 3 pieces. I was already thinking of starting a GB, glad you took over the job....
I'm also busy with getting the parts together, I'm going to call you later this week.



Der 14th February 2010 12:55 PM

Importance of beeing Ernest
Hello Ernest

I would also like 1 pc. for my Audionote dac.

Please instruct me on how and when !

Thank's fore the initiative !

fredlock 14th February 2010 03:39 PM

Hi Ernest,

So how much would be the total cost (VAT + shipping cost) for US destination?


mikel_ann 14th February 2010 06:11 PM

Hi guys, hi Ernst

I did the last EPGB. (European Group Buy)

Shipping per "Einschreiben versichert bis 100 EUR" with DHL to Europe ist 6,95, to world is 9,55 EUR, but maybe it's not possible to US.

DK sends with UPS and they charged me about 60 Euro (Nachnahme), I dont know exactly what this is for .. still waiting for an invoice. EuSt. would be more :confused:

Tell you more, when getting details from UPS.

Overall our first ETA for the chips was end of March, corrected later to end of Jan what was only 4 weeks after ordering.

regards Michael

ernesternest 14th February 2010 07:07 PM


so far we have:

vzs: 1
Jogi: 3
Der: 1

Thanks for advices. My last GB was a pcb job for an amp project one year ago. I sent them all around the world. All the pcbs were sent as registered letters. Cheap and reliable. I don't remember prices exactly, the range was between € 3,5 (Germany below 500g) and € 10,05 (Overseas - i.e. US, Down Under, Brazil). Seems that prices rose minimal.

mikel_ann, I don't know exactly, but I do think, the 60 Euro should have been the 19% VAT. You shouldn't get another invoice. Always when I ordered from Digikey it was like that.

Price for the AS1865N-K currently is about 24,20 € (always depending on € / $ rate) This makes almost 29 € inkluding VAT. Shipping to US is roughly 10 €. I'll take 2€ for package and effort. Summarizes for one AD to US:
29+10+2= 41 Euro plus ~ 4% for Paypal

Price for
CMF55 is € 0,13 plus 19% VAT = € 0,1547 per Resistor.
Panansonic NHG 4700F/25V is € 1,42 plus 19% VAT = € 1,7
Panasonic Resistor 2W is € 0,22 plus ...... = € 0,262
Panasonic Resistor 3W is € 0,39 ............... = € 0,465
IRF840 is € 2,59 ............. = € 3,09
Panansonic ED 47/450 is € 3,10 ............. = € 3,70

These are the parts, I'd order from Digikey. Tomorrow I'll share a google spreadsheet where I'll add all the parts. If you are interested, add your name.

Cheers Ernst

frd__ 14th February 2010 07:27 PM

vzs: 1
Jogi: 3
Der: 1
frd__: 1


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