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Algar_emi 9th September 2009 05:03 PM

HV Shunt Regulator 2009 GB
Hi. Since it seems there still interest in this project, I'm starting a small 2009 GB. Please send me a private email if you're interested. I'll need a minimum of 30 PCB to make it work (PCB minimum order quantity).

See the original project thread at:

The 2SK369 FET could be difficult to source, but the 2SK170 is an equivalent. Also WALTER BURKHARD member sent me an email that he may be able to provide some of these to me. I would be happy to include it with each PCB if I can get enough. I'll charge you only my own cost.

As for the PCB price, I'll ask for a quote this week, and let you know. Last PCB run was about 27.50$ and I asked 30$ each + 3% PayPal fee and actual shipping cost. Thsi is for a quantity of 30 + 200$ setup charge that I being charge for such a small PCB run. Bigger quantity would result in better cost, but it is a specialized item, and I just got a small interest for it, so... So this year price should be around that.

The PCB is very high quality, FR4 material, double sided, with silkscreen and soldermask, gold immersion finish

If you're interested, send me a private email with your diyaudio username, real name and shipping address and PCB quantity. Also please confirm that you can pay using PayPal.

Algar_emi 9th September 2009 05:30 PM

Last GB was source of a little controversy. This is not my own design, (I did only my own version of the original PCB), but I got it from the net and at the time was not able to contact the original designer. With help from some forum member, I was able to get in touch with the designer, that he confirmed that I could use his design for DIYer use only.
This is what I'm doing with this GB.

Also, the Vacuum State company sell a HV shunt regulator kit commercially. He expressed his concern about this PCB not being a complete kit and that his was simpler to build and had a better after sale support. In all fairness, I mention to you that you can get his complete kit instead of a bare PCB, that need effort to make it work (get the parts, assembly, testing, understatnding, etc...) But in my mind this part of the DIYer experience anyway. Go to his site at: and search for the SuperReg kit and have a look. It may be better suited to your needs.

Take note that I have no interests in Vacuum State products, website or business. Just to make sure I start this GB on good ground.

Have fun.

Algar_emi 9th September 2009 05:35 PM

For the record, this project was built by me (3 PCB) and by a friend that live close by (2 PCB) and it is working perfectly as is, using the recommended parts list and specified part numbers. The project includes a complete documentation that was hosted kindly on Bas Horneman website, you can have a look at Notes.pdf

This is not a beginner project and you need to know what you're doing to adjust it. This is not your easy to build and use 78XX regulator. Following the notes marked on the included schematic and documentation procedure is easy enough but need some care in doing it. Also you need to respect the design limitations (Vout Min, Vin requirements, Power Dissipation limit, etc...) Read the documentation in detail before ordering it, to make sure it does what you need.

Lets see if we have enough interest to make it work ;)

Rjay 9th September 2009 06:12 PM

HV Shunt Regulator 2009 GB
Hi Algar-emi

I've just sent an e-mail confirming 6 boards.

Could you clarify whether Walter Burkhard is offering 2SK369s or 2SK170s?

2SK369s are also available from Littlediode at GB pounds1.43/US$2.46 each but they do not specify a suffix (G, B or V)

I've used them recently and they are reliable.


dsavitsk 9th September 2009 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by Algar_emi (
The 2SK369 FET could be difficult to source, but the 2SK170 is an equivalent.

LND150, available for a few pennies from Mouser, might make a decent alternative here.

Algar_emi 9th September 2009 11:42 PM

Orders starting to get in:

Kjay 6PCB
Kenev 2PCB

As for the 2SK369 found also some at:, U$1.65 each. Do not know the type either. It is not sure if I'll supply them, since it seems to be available from some vendors. Walter Burkhard can get 2SK369BL only.

Algar_emi 9th September 2009 11:51 PM

The 2SK369 specified type was -V. It was used with R11 to create a constant current source to get a 7V supply, see the 2ma current note on the schematic about adjusting R11.

From the SK369 datasheet, the type currents are:
GR: 5-10ma, BL: 8-16ma, V: 14-30ma.

So the BL type should work Ok, depending on R11 value, that would need to be adjusted.

ChrisA 10th September 2009 12:08 AM

What are the specs on the PCB (size, 1 or 2 sides,...) there are several suppliers who will build quantity one with no set-up charge. I think they use some process like ink jet printing so there is no mask involved. You just send in the Gerber files. These places make it cheap enough to have just a couple PCBs made.

relder 10th September 2009 02:17 AM

I'm likely interested in 2 boards, is the BOM on the 1st page of your original thread still valid?

grufti 10th September 2009 04:32 AM

What about J309/310 JFET for this application?

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