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cviller 19th April 2009 04:11 PM

Gb: Rectifier boards
I have made some general purpose rectifier boards, which I have offered in the F5 thread , but people might not discover it inside this rather long thread, hence this new thread. :D

The boards are 38x90mm and you can use all three legged diodes with common cathode (I haven't seen anything else).

You can see a picture of the board here:

Which is also the place to order. As I wrote in the F5 thread, I was getting tired of all the paypal work, so I put together a very simple site to do the tedious tasks for me.

Shipping is done using normal letters without tracking. If you want I can offer insurance, which means I'll refund or resend if the package is lost.

I don't have a BOM for the boards, but here are some suggestions:

Diodes, use any three legged with Anode Cathode Anode legs. Example:
(you can also use two legged, but then you need to bend the legs slightly)

Heatsinks, if you want to use onboard sinks use these:

For the snubbers (resistor and capacitor) you can use 100ohm and capacitors in the 20-100nF range.

And of course you will need to buy 4 of each for one board.

sekess 21st April 2009 07:31 PM

Hey Chris,
Being that yo use the 3 legged rectifier diodes (2 diodes per package), do you parallel the two diodes in each device? Or, do you just use one of the diodes inside and leave the other idle?

cviller 21st April 2009 07:35 PM

The diodes are in parallel.

alazira 9th May 2009 07:32 PM

rectifier boards
I received the boards, thanks. What are those two holes in the very center for? Also, are 1/4 watt resistors ok. I also have 2w kiwame carbons that I can use if I mount soilder style.

cviller 9th May 2009 07:54 PM

Re: rectifier boards

Originally posted by alazira
I received the boards, thanks. What are those two holes in the very center for? Also, are 1/4 watt resistors ok. I also have 2w kiwame carbons that I can use if I mount soilder style.

Yes, they are intended for 1/4 watt resistors. The holes are for a capacitor (in small scale applications), but unfortunately the holes got too small for snap-ins.

Renron 22nd July 2009 04:28 PM

2 Attachment(s)
I hope you are enjoying "summer in the city" and have eaten in Chinatown by now........MMMMMMMMmmmmmm.

I have a question about the center capacitor, it would be #5, (circled in photo)
What value should this be? same as the other 4?
Also it was not in your schematic.

It is a Very Cool looking board, btw.


cviller 22nd July 2009 04:32 PM

Haven't eaten in chinatown yet, but I'm sure we'll do that soon. So far most of the time goes towards getting settled. ;)

The capacitor holes are there so one can use the board for some simple small stuff - if you're building a power amp, you can just ignore the holes. :D

Renron 22nd July 2009 05:16 PM

Thanks for the fast response Christian,
Got it.

Hey, You gotta eat don't you?
Find the "Hole in the wall" (small Owner run shop) restaurant that has only a few tables and sparse decor. If your lucky they will speak a little English. OOOooooHhhh man, fresh cooked veggies on the spot, hand made noodles and soups, sticky rice.......

I'll eat vicariously through you........I don't need the added pounds.

(I won't forget I owe you a beer :drink: )

Renron 23rd July 2009 03:55 PM

eemmmm, I gota nutha question
Sorry to bother you again.
On the rectifier boards, the locations for the snubber caps are not marked + / - , pretty shure it makes a difference. As the caps I have are not nonpolarized. Help me out will ya please??? I've tried to figure it out, but no joy. I'm too uneducated...... Sad.


cviller 23rd July 2009 05:04 PM

How large caps are you planning on using? I'm not sure it is such a great idea to use polarized caps for snubbers... :xeye:

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