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EmergencyDpt 26th August 2008 07:20 PM

6.5 inch wood cone speaker 8 ohm $40 us
Today is August 26th.
The terms of this group buy:
Item:FR179B8-11M wood cone speaker from Gui-sound.
This is an 8 ohm speaker 6.5 inch

ImpedanceĀF 8 Ohm
F0ĀF 15K Hz
Frequency rangeĀF 42 Hz
S.P.L.: 92.609 dB
Input power: 30 W

Cost: $40 per unit plus shipping to your house.

You must paypal $40 to my account for each speaker you want.
Once the speakers arrive here, you will be contacted again with shipping options.

There will be an additional charge for shipping to your house only.

I only take paypal. This is for your protection and mine.

If I don't have 40 orders by Sept 26th, all orders will be refunded so tell your friends.

Send me a message for paypal account.


EmergencyDpt 31st August 2008 05:37 PM

Hi guys. I need a lot more people for this group buy! A lot more. I hope you know that this speaker is 79.99 plus tax and shipping and you are getting it for half! Come on DIY'ers. Lets make a great looking speaker project!

leadbelly 31st August 2008 05:42 PM

If you want to get more to join in:

1) please give some credentials or references

2) quote at least an approximate shipping cost or total cost someone can expect to pay

EmergencyDpt 31st August 2008 05:55 PM

Thanks for your input.
I'm not sure what to do for credentials or references. You can see my weblog for other projects I've done.

I'm an ER nurse and don't really need 50 speakers.

Shipping cost is the actual shipping cost from my house to yours. I live in 95136. You live in....
You purchased x number of speakers....
You want them shipped by....route...

There is no additional handling because I'm saving boxes and packing material from work.

A large USPS flat rate box is just under $10 and should fit two speakers in it by eyeball. I don't have any speakers yet so I can't be accurate about that. That's for US addresses. And a box may only hold one speaker...I just don't know right now.

Lee35210 3rd September 2008 07:23 PM

You got e-mail
Count me in for a pair.
Message sent.

EmergencyDpt 8th September 2008 03:36 AM

Thanks everyone for your group buy participation. We are still short of the number needed by 30.
Please post something in your active threads regarding this speaker.
First of all it's a great deal. Second, it's a fantastic looking speaker and will really look outrageuos in an dark colored build . Or natural finish build for that matter.
Go out unto the world and spread the good news! Jesus is coming and he's bringing speakers!

EmergencyDpt 8th September 2008 03:51 AM

Wood cone speaker build idea
I'm posting here in the full range drivers area to direct your attention to a driver that has some really great potential in a back loaded horn or bass reflex box.

I'm putting together a group buy for these wood cone speakers. They look totally awesome. I need to purchase 50 units to get a good deal. They will cost us $40 per unit plus shipping to your house. Shipping to my house is included in the $40. You will pay only the actual amount of shipping. No handling charge. You pick the service. USPS is close to my house and generally has the best deals AFAIK.

Here is a pic of some kit speaker from japan. They are tre' expensive. They use the speaker I'm buying I think but the phase plug is painted black.

These speakers are 6.5 inch drivers 8 ohm.
Thiele/Small Parameters
Welcome Inquiry&Orders For OEM&ODM
Impedance : 8Ohm
Minimum Frequency Response
: 42Hz
Reproduction Frequency Response
: Fo~15K
S.P.L. : 92.609 dB/W(m)
Rated Input : 30 W
Music Power : 45 W
Equivalent Diaghram Radius
: 63mm
Equivalent Mass : 9.392g
Magnet Weight : 750 g
Net Weight : 2580g
Fs : 42.117 Hz
Re : 6.2Ohm
Mms : 10.234g
BL : 8.987TM
Qts : 0.200
Qms : 5.358
Qes : 0.208
Vas : 32.971Ltr
Xmax : 4mm
no : 1.146%
Frame : Cast
Cone : Wooden
Surround : RUBBER
Damper : CONEX
VC DIA : ÷35 KAP 0.2 SV
Magnet : ÷121X÷60X20
Short Ring : Cu Ring
Center Cap : AL Phase Plug (Gold)

Please tell your friends. I have to get at least fourty spoken for. I'll front the last 8 just to get my two speakers here!

I only take paypal for your protection and mine. Post a message and I'll respond with the pay pal address.

blumenco 9th September 2008 01:44 PM

I have heard those...
They are pretty good. common to JVC "wood cone" series speakers somewhat? they were pretty nice, actually. really nice even.

I can't commit to a pair though. Got too many projects right now!

Good luck on obtaining them. (try to hear a pair first...)

I guess that if you are a business, consider your size. if you are small, with limited capital, never buy bulk just for the sake of bulk. You are trying to lock in 40 people to buy a driver unheard. have you heard it yet? Is that fair? Sorry to bust you one in the grill, but trust me: I would not mention this factor if I had not made a similar mistake in my time (albiet smaller, and one that I eventually rectified).

They are indeed a nice sound no doubting it. I guess it would depend on the price you are getting.

Please don't take my comments the wrong way, I am only intending to ask questions...


DaveM 9th September 2008 02:36 PM

I would be interested in a pair.

EmergencyDpt 9th September 2008 11:57 PM


I'm sure they sound great. They didn't offer to send me any free ones to listen to. I'm just going to experiment with them when they get here. I'm a DIY'er.

They look awesome. I'm sure they will sound awesome too.


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