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tryonziess 27th August 2007 09:54 AM

Jens Rasmussen Leach clone group buy
I emailed Jens the other night to see if he had any objections to a group buy of his leach design. It was o.k. with him. Now would there be any interest out there for this project. There are several versions, ie, the 10 transistor and 6 transistor version. I am currently waiting delivery of my AAK symasym boards to build. I would like a project waiting when i finish them. Let me know of any interest in the Leach clone project. The board i am talking about can be seen at

h_a 27th August 2007 01:08 PM

You sure that the link is correct? I see only speakers there.

Cheers, Hannes

ANTHONY2181 27th August 2007 01:19 PM

I think this is the link you are looking for



tryonziess 27th August 2007 05:14 PM

thanks anthony you are correct. tad

gtforme00 27th August 2007 07:32 PM

You must have read my mind, I was about to email Jens myself! I would be interested in a few pair of boards, depending on the price point. Does anyone know of a good PCB house? I'll ask around at work to see if any of the board designers know of good/cheap places. I'll also try to get up with BrianGT since he is well versed in this now.


tryonziess 27th August 2007 08:25 PM

reply to jens leach clone
I think there is a place in Atlanta that does boards fairly reasonable. If we can get a large board order the per unit price will drop significantly. I was planning on bridging two boards for 300+ watts. The parts would be cheaper than 200volt parts for the super leach. If Jens decides to do a group buy on the Super Leach i would of course buy some of them also. What are you wanting the 6 or 10 unit version. Tad

gtforme00 27th August 2007 09:16 PM


I was interested in a 6 transistor version, but will go with the flow of interest.

Are you thinking of PhotoCircuits in Peachtree City? My dad used to work for them, I'll give them a shot at a quote. I've already sent emails off to Flextron Systems, who a co-worker has recommended, and BrianGT, for advice on where to get a good value for boards.

Below are the specs I included in my Request For Quote, this is for the 6 transistor version, but I would be ok with which ever one generates the most interest. The specifics about board color thickness, and plating options are also not fixed, but these are generic values. Feel free to use this list when asking for quotes.

__________________________________________________ ____
Material Type: FR-4

Finished Copper Thickness: 2 oz

Board Thickness: .062

Board Dimensions: 4x9

Solder Mask: Both Sides

Color: Black

Silkscreen: Component Side

Minimum Line Width: 12 mil

Minimum Line Spacing: 12 mil

Number of Drill Sizes: 11

Number of Holes: 691

Smallest Hole: .6mm

Surface Mount Pads: Yes

Number of SMD Pads- Comp. side: 8

Number of SMD Pads- Solder side: 0

Finest Pitch SMD: 0603

Array: No

X-outs allowed: yes

Electrical Test: No

Plating: Copper

UL Approved: No


Please quote price break points up to 100 boards.

Lead Time:

Very flexible, approximately 6-8 weeks.

__________________________________________________ ____

The next step would be to see how much interest this generates. A wiki would be nice to keep tabs on quantities. I'll work on one unless someone else who has done one before wants to knock one out quickly.

We need to at least specify the number of boards wanted, the number of transistors wanted (6 or 10), the color of the board, and whether or not gold plating is desired.


gtforme00 28th August 2007 12:33 PM

Is it possible to use the 10 transistor board, but only populate 2*N number of transistors? Say 4 if one needed a lower power amp, or 6, or 8?

That would make the decision of which board to use rather trivial.


hags 7th September 2007 12:41 PM

Count me in for at least 2 boards, I would be interested in either the 6 or 10 transistor version but would prefer the 10.
Can you go 3 or 4 oz on the copper traces?

tryonziess 7th September 2007 12:58 PM

As soon as i gauge the interest in this project i am going to take suggestions as to the copper thickness and other aspects which might be pertinent to improving the layout. This is a large board and to keep the per unit price down i would like to order at least 50. Tad

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