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britbug 14th February 2007 05:01 PM

Lowther BIB- anyone made them?
Anyone made these yet?
I currently have my DX2 in a Voigt style MLTL, but the bass is a bit weedy. My room is 12 foot high, and 20 * 30, so I need a lot of bass. man, the mids & highs are as awesome as you read though. Make Fe166e seem very, very dull.
Before I go down the sub (probably IB or dipole) route, I would like to see if I can get enough from these cabinets.

BHD 14th February 2007 06:13 PM

Are you using any type of baffle step correction circuit with your Lowthers?

britbug 14th February 2007 06:25 PM

Yeah, I am using the MJK recommended, it does help a lot, as does the Zobel.
But, even so, tones show I am OK to about 50 Hz, and it is all gone by 40.

Harderror 15th February 2007 02:51 PM

These are Lowthers. They really do benefit from a BLH. They have such microscopic Xmax that even the BIB may not work correctly. I would build BLH for sure. I have seen people use them in open baffle, but this seems like a gigantic waste of money. There are speakers out there that sound nearly as good in the upper mids and highs (which is all you will get from OB) that are a fraction of the price. The lowthers really are designed for BLH. Besides, why waste that incredible BL whch translates to extreme tightness of mid bass and bass?


pjanda1 15th February 2007 03:52 PM

The BIB is a BLH. (Of course, if your MLTL is expanding, you could call it a ML-BLH too, if my understanding is correct.) With 12ft ceilings, you'd want to consider an inverted BIB. It would work mouth up, but it wouldn't load as well as it otherwise would (though some clever reflecter might work too). Inverting it would help get the drivers to ear height as well.


britbug 15th February 2007 04:11 PM

Thanks, I have seen photo's of a TC floor loaded BIB, any ideas on what the plans might look like for this?
I guess I might be a guinea pig in these ones for a DX2

Scottmoose 15th February 2007 04:12 PM

12ft ceiling? Normal BIB will be fine -not quite as effective as with a lower one, but I doubt there'd be any problems. Inverting might actually be more of an issue as the driver is already at a decent ear-height -no benefits to be gained in that respect, it's more for drivers with an Fs in the 70Hz regions which are naturally shorter. Bass should be plentiful. As Pj mentions, they are a form of BLH (linear taper, end-loaded) so excursion is a bit less than an MLTL until Fc, where they'll all hit about the same excursion, (assuming the same tuning). A big, chambered BLH with hyperbolic expansion, tuned like a BIB to 1/2 wavelength would be my choice if you wanted something a little more advanced.

britbug 15th February 2007 05:27 PM

Thanks, woodwork skills limited to a BIB I am afraid, so will try.
Would a supra baffle be worth the effort?
BTW I used to live in the West Riding.
Miss the beer & fish & chips, but not the weather

steenoe 15th February 2007 05:56 PM


BTW I used to live in the West Riding.
And where the hood is that:D

Miss the beer & fish & chips, but not the weather
Checking out, your profile says New Mexico. Which should be fairly south'y;) I cant help asking, dont you like the sun, or did I get it all wrong??:D

Steen(Joking around;) )

pjanda1 15th February 2007 06:20 PM


Originally posted by Scottmoose
as the driver is already at a decent ear-height -no benefits to be gained in that respect,
I don't know the current thinking on Lowther dims, but my issue is with the driver being too high, not too low as is the problem with the little ones (70hz fs). It looks to me like the driver will end up somewhere in the mid 40"'s off the floor, which is high for me. Fliped and on a little stand, and you could end up at the ideal (for me in most chairs) 36". This is precisely what I'm contemplating with mine.


until Fc, where they'll all hit about the same excursion, (assuming the same tuning)
Also, it seems to me that in practicle terms (all enclosures aren't tuned to the same Fc), the BIB does a better job of controling excursion than most anything else. Most MLTL's and more common BLH designs don't load the driver so low, so you end up with a bunch of uncontrolled excursion below Fc. The BIB's (for the lower Fs drivers) control excursion to nearly the bottom of the musical spectrum (only ht frequencies are below it, in my case.) No flopping around at 40-50hz here, in the range many other fullrange enclosures are unloaded.


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