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sierra_gva 5th January 2007 04:09 PM

WAF : which enclosure for FE 206 ES-R ?
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I posted a message a while back for a "simple to build" enclosure for the Fostex FE 206 ES-R.

From this post, I received a lot of good advice from Scottmoose for building a BIB -TQWT. He even did the calculations for me (thanks again BTW). So everything was ready to R&R.

So I was all ready to go, except that I discounted the WAF in my plans : my future ex-wife threw a serious tantrum when she look at my plans and discovered that these beautiful boxes would be over 2 meter tall...

Not planning to move out of the house in the near future and be forced to sleep in my car, what recommendations would you have for an enclosure taking care of the Wife Acceptance Factor.

1) Fostex recommended enclosure for the FE 206 ES-R ? as per the attached file.

2) A Nagaoka D58-ES ?

3) Others ??


chrisb 5th January 2007 04:55 PM

That design is slightly different from the one posted on Madisound's website for the ESR:

My buddy Frank recently completed a pair of these (quite a daunting task ), they sound fabulous, but make sure you have a furniture dolly handy to move. Even in baltic birch plywood instead of MDF, these are well over 100lbs each, and awkward to boot.

The finished dimensions are 370mmW x 1071mmH x 532mmD

Godzilla 5th January 2007 05:15 PM

>>> future ex-wife threw a serious tantrum...

Build the BIBs.

Scottmoose 5th January 2007 05:18 PM

Chris has pointed you to the correct Factory box for the ES-R. Much, much better than the cabinet for the standard FE206E. Basically, as you'll see, the ES-R box is a refinement of the Nagaoka D-58.

As an alternative easy to build cabinet, the Factory design for the FE208ESigma is a well designed box, and should do OK with the ES-R units.

Godzilla 5th January 2007 06:32 PM

When I look at the way the 206esr cabinet is built (and I’m sure it’s a great sounding system) I can’t help but realize how efficient the BIB design is. There is ‘dead space’ at the front and bottom with the back horn… with the BIB all the space is utilized (every single drop).

Whatever you build will be big. Explain to your soon to be ex that floor space is similar regardless of height. Sounds like she might complain about whatever you build.

Good luck!

chrisb 5th January 2007 06:35 PM


Originally posted by Godzilla
>>> future ex-wife threw a serious tantrum...

Build the BIBs.

Jeff is probably right, you don't want to set a precendent of submission, at least as far as the audio system/decor equation is concerned. ;)

Other areas of interpersonal relationships would be considered Way OT for this forum (any woman who says size doesn't matter, probably hasn't given birth multiple times)

planet10 5th January 2007 07:23 PM


Originally posted by Godzilla
Whatever you build will be big
Unless you have a spare room just behind your normal speaker position, anything for this driver will be big (and with the spare room, you are just hiding the BIG box), because it really wants to be in a horn... and it seems a waste to use it as a mid-tweeter (in which case you could put it in a small sealed or aperiodic box and actively XO it to a much less efficient woofer that gives bass in a small box (integration is always a challenge)

You can send me the 206sERs for proper disposal.

The BIB is almost for sure the best easy to build box, Bruce might edge it out overall, but it isn't going to be much smaller (and a more complex build -- less pieces than a Fostex box thou -- althou you might be able to dress it up better)


freddi 5th January 2007 09:40 PM

would RCA-Fan's horn be too big & ugly ? - I don't like looks of extended top & bottom nor Fostex's gaudy ring on this FR. IRC it ran a number of FR

Rick J. B. 6th January 2007 11:56 AM

Hey freddi,

That is a very attractive enclosure.

How's it work.

Are we talking about the RCA-Fan of Audio Asylum fame?

Does he have any published plans for those?


Scottmoose 6th January 2007 11:59 AM

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Yup. It's a sort of back-loaded expanding QWR with a Karlson slot. I've got the plans on my HDD somewhere. Er, here we are.

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