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Vix 26th December 2006 08:59 AM

Help! Disappointed with Visaton B200

Iíve recently purchased a pair of Visaton B200ís. So far, I donít like them! I am desperate. Even though these speakers are said to give their best in OB, I have decided to use a 66 L sealed box. Bass is fine, but midrange peak is very annoying. It is very prominent and after that thereís a decline so I feel it needs a tweeter. Sweet spot is very narrow; this driver beams like flashlight.

Iíve managed to flatten the frequency response by trying various filters, mostly playing around values as given on Visaton website. But, then it sounded dullÖ

Anyway I tried it, couldnít get this speaker to sound right. ZEN V8 with no feedback, with passive EQ network as described by Mr. Pass, made it sound better, but still not good. How do you guys make this speaker listenable? On some threads IĎve read that some of you like this speaker a lot, and some use it without any filter?!

As a last option, Iím thinking to add a X-over and a tweeter, making it into a decent two way. Fullrange, it has disappointed me, big time.

Any suggestion?


Scottmoose 26th December 2006 09:29 AM

Get a pair of Dave's phase plugs in them, which will help kill that peak and reduce the beaming, and the drivers onto open baffles. You'll be shocked at the transformation. I'm going to be doing something similar myself shortly. 3 piece baffles, with the side wings attached with piano hinges. Centre panel 9in wide, one side 10in wide, the other 16in wide. Adjust to taste. OB is what they are designed for.

The B200 never pretended to go as high as some of the other FR drivers out there, though it does improve with use -get them to Xmax a few times (try to be in another room, as they go loud!). FR will never do dynamics like multiway, but this will improve them beyond measure. You could always add a small supertweeter later if you still miss the HF.

I'm not surprised the filters from the Visaton site dull the sound -they use far too many components IMO, and the values aren't great. There are better filters you could use, particularly active Eq.

skorpion 26th December 2006 10:16 AM


Check out this thread: .
This will solve your problem ! They don't sound dull with just a LR-filter. And OB, yes.


Vix 26th December 2006 03:54 PM


I've tried these RC filters. A sort of a trade-off. I hope that after some time the driver will smooth out a bit, otherwise not my cup of tea.:(

Maybe in OB they will sound better.



Scottmoose 26th December 2006 04:03 PM

They will. 100% guaranteed.

Zen Mod 26th December 2006 04:58 PM


Originally posted by Vix

I've tried these RC filters. A sort of a trade-off. I hope that after some time the driver will smooth out a bit, otherwise not my cup of tea.:(

Maybe in OB they will sound better.



you can always send them to me for proper disposal :devilr:

skorpion 26th December 2006 05:06 PM

Not exactly any RC-filter proposed, just a LR: 1 mH and 8 ohm in parallell as in a BSC-circuit.


JandG 26th December 2006 06:41 PM

I installed a set 4 days ago &..
The 1st 2 hrs was not cool...not a hard core peaky like green cones, but........In the next couple hrs they mellowed. I run no filters & do not plan to. no need IMO..just run em hard , they will mellow out, I think Saba green cones have better low mids.. & better life, but the b200's are decent in my book. I could run em without top help, but I have G2's coming for help up top if wanted. I might go active PLLXO on the ribbons with mono's& run 300B only on the b200's with OB active plate amps support under 150hz, they don't seem to go as low as Greeen fact I am sure of that..strange but easily heard. I think they might be a ruthless type of speaker on sources..I am on the fence on that one..when I run them with SEP Siemens/ Klangfilm mono's they are ruthless to source.. so the 300B is the only way I can get away with most recordings so far..I don't get any ear piercing spikes or anything like that.. I sure wish I had the mony for top end Supravox Alnico's..I am very hesistance on the magnet assembly..could be in my head, but I dought it. basically I am still on the fence about how I really like b200's. I gotta play with em some more... I would definatley get them on OB, I gottem on 24 x36 " baffles & they image like crazy,, beaming is not a issue for me @ 10' away. I'll get 100hrs or so on them before making a decesion on them...

dmason 26th December 2006 06:52 PM

Two words: Open Baffle...

Add some mileage. Use a high power setting, place them in boxes if you have to, they respond well to a good thrashing. Properly cooked, on open baffle, they have yet to fail in the positive impression department... just give it some time...

Scottmoose 26th December 2006 07:27 PM

If you aren't already aware of this Vix, Dan Mason is otherwise known as Dr. Dark Star. He's the bloke who pioneered the B200 on open baffle applications (or at least made it popular) with his now gigantic Dark Star thread on audiocircle. The combination of Visaton driver run dipole is now regarded as one of the finest music-makers available, and has even garnered praise from Siegfried Linkwitz. Thrap the drivers for a while, and get them on baffles. Then spend a day or two wondering at the transformation. I heard a version a few months back and thought they were superb.

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