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marec 14th October 2006 07:29 PM

Thanks Mr King
After buying access to your worksheets, I managed to build the most satisfactory loudspeakers I have ever owned. ( And I've owned a few...)
Many thanks for your generosity with your intellectual capital.
Thanks are also due to everyone else on this forum. I wish I could sensibly contribute.


Scottmoose 14th October 2006 07:50 PM

You can. What did you build?

joe carrow 14th October 2006 08:43 PM

Yeah, photos and descriptions of projects are definitely a contribution to the forum. What'd you build?

marec 14th October 2006 09:19 PM

Additions arn't really contributions....

marec 14th October 2006 09:19 PM

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Apologies: Finger problems
As I was saying, Additions aren't necessarily contributions :-)

However, what I eventually built was an OB using a Wharfedale RSDD 10

Pre MJK:

MJK 14th October 2006 11:13 PM

Thanks Mark! The positive feedback is greatly appreciated.

marec 15th October 2006 01:45 AM

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Post MJK:

Scottmoose 15th October 2006 07:30 AM

Very good. Size of baffle? Crossover?

marec 15th October 2006 09:37 AM

Baffles made from single 8' * 4' sheet of 3/4 ply.
4' tall by 2' wide with assymetric wings.
XO is an ultradrive (100 Hz) and the other gross abnormalities
cleared up by an ultracurve.

Sound is exceptionally natural (judged by Radio 3 output)
Slight over heavy bass on some male announcer voices, but others
fine, so may be down to miking.
Stereo image good left to right. Not yet certain of depth.
Because of the crude set up, there are a number of volume controls.
One of the surprising attributes of the speaker is how loud it plays without
enough discomfort to indicate it's high volume, complaints from others being the first indication!
A curious aspect is that the stereo image moves with increaseing volume,
might this be different transfer functions of the (very) different power amps?

I'm building a couple of gainclones to try and sort this (and maybe do the crossover and response correction with active filters).

I must re-iterate that this loudspeaker is almost entirely a copy of MJK's work, down to using his recommended bass driver. I take no credit for what I think is a superb result and am now disinclined to use the 2 PM2cs that I have lying about (or indeed finish off the brutes)!

The next step for me will be to further use MJK's sheets to investigate downsizing this to something more acceptable for use in the house...


jackinnj 29th January 2009 03:32 AM

Seems that the proclivity of DIY-Audio-do-gooders is "tight-waddism" and MJK is closing down access to his MathCAD worksheets when current licenses expire.

A pity.

All you cheap-skates should be spanked by my octogenarian mother, and it was the business end of a wooden spoon which did the trick for many decades.

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