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JandG 1st September 2006 10:38 PM

Holey basket Coral's.....?
I had 4" holey basket Coral's in colset for a long time & thought time to hear them, I installed them in sub baffels & ran direct to 300B in PP, then Vifa M26wr -09-06 on the bottom driven by BASH 300S amps. set @ about 100hz.. . fired it up & did not expect much at all..4"....? what could they possibly do well. I was shocked.....they blend perfect with the Vifa's. for bottom support & no x-overs of any kind on the Coral....Woerd thing is I hear absolutely no need for a helper tweeter,,, abviousley don'y need it type deal....only thing is I probably am running to much powr in the little thing as the Canary is a 22w amp.. holding so far & don;t see scary sh. with the Coral....very sweet & detailed everything & very extended......this I don't understand, but it is.... I wonder if I should run them mounted on the back of the sub baffle, I might try it.......I hate x-overs in the critical music area.. & these little guy's are very promising indeed. they beat my Fostex fe167e's, for everything I like.....No shout....very cool stuff, never thought they would sound good, they flat ROCK.........

Nanook 2nd September 2006 04:13 AM

when I grow up and get a real job..
Corals are on my list to try

JandG 2nd September 2006 04:47 AM

I changed sub baffel to back mount..
I made a new sub baffel & had to use my damn jig saw cuz I left the hole saw bits at work........anyway, I did the best I could & then thru a 3/4 round over on the opening. I then fired it up....It now images very, very nice....much better than flush.....don't know why, just does..This little 4" coral is dought about it. I almost gave up on SS active plate amp bottom support,.Very bad experience with pair of subs & full range. But this Vifa m26wr-09-06 is in a whole differant league than any bottom help I have used.. It blends perfect to my ears.. The tone out of this coral is just beutifull & lots to look forward to on hunting these critters..the complete absence of shout & the detail , sweetness of tone & no percieved lack of detail is amazing. & No x-over circuit of any kind from 100hz on up.My 300B PP is left for the 4" Coral only. I know there is alot of better drivers for sure....& I have a few..supposedlymuch better drivers, but this 4" is something very, very cool. I am damn excited about this for sure..I just can't believe it. Heck I am sure I have thrown away simpilar drivers in my life......sad but true.. never again though..I have TOOL " 10,000 days" playing & it picks ever single detail in this crazy complex cd......not most peoples cup of tea, but it has a bunch of detail & will test speakers & gear good...I will do Nora Jones & such tommorrow....Enough babble from me, sell me all your Sony Corals.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dumbass 2nd September 2006 08:49 AM


Originally posted by JandG
....only thing is I probably am running to much powr in the little thing as the Canary is a 22w amp..
I don't follow this comment. 4" full-rangers tend not to be terribly efficient, certainly compared with, say, an 8" Lowther. Underpowering is much more dangerous for drivers.

JandG 2nd September 2006 01:19 PM

Sure...not to worried, I am far from clipping the Canary
If I was running SS on top I would be for sure. I listen @ pretty high volume most of the time & just have never ran anything 4" EVER......I'll get used to it.Stayed up till late last night doing seriouse listening & the sonics of this combo has opened new dooors for me..Every Bi-amp I have done in the past has failed my listening pleasure. I can always tell the seam. this time it is differant..I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!I think I seen were Dave measured these @ 91-92db & from litening experience with this amp I would say that is correct..I have never ran a driver that was rated way under wattage wise my amps full output. so my paranoid feel on that is just that . I haven't heard my Canary clip before, but hard to tell on these anyway..I have hard thinking to do about going back to all tube top to bottom, now I have heard what a controled & very fast & tight bottom does with 300B on top, tried it beforre with many nice class A SS amps on bottom but allways passive x-overs on bottom. the BASH active plate & M26wr-09-06 combo is killer with the Coral...I also get the same total SPL over all as my normal set up, I figured that distortion & lack of SPL would be a the big problem, but is not the case at all, I am going to use the felt on the back of the Coral today as that is what is used on it from day 1, I kept that when the Sony R-R just fell apart one day. funny to me now is that I run only alnico drivers in all my tube amp speaker cabs & combo amps for reason of much seperior tone. & I hear the same thing with this little Coral...killer tone, & bunches of detail that I shold have picked up on before. but were smeared somehow....I learned a big lesson yesterday & now will run with it.
J & G

JandG 3rd September 2006 01:13 AM

Painted the dang things..........
These will get me by till I do a good set of baffels with correct tools. I installed the felt on driver & used a cork sealer for the baffel. fun stuff.

NickC 4th September 2006 07:09 AM

Nicholas here from Promitheusaudio.

Superb speakers, nice wood work

Hey don't place the TVC on the ground on top of your carpet.

There is a block below the tvc right? This is good but i looks a bit thin. Go for some nice chopping block, maple is best here. You can borrow your wife's chopping block works well

Get some cones sometime like your stuf use to lift the wires and place it below the TVC. THe tvc is very senstive to what is place below.

Or you can get some 3 ball bearings around 6-12 mm and cut 3 pcs of round/ square wood around 1" tall and then drill a hole for the ball bearing to be sitted flush. Works great, under the preamp

If not go to your industrial shop, get some motor couplers 3 units and then source the ball bearing then fits into the motor coupler.

REally good cheap tweak but makes alot of different with the TVC.

Have fun

JandG 4th September 2006 09:31 PM

yep, little block of cedar....
I will try something with more mass for sure, your ideas are good ones. I tell ya Nick your TVC is the best & smartest thing I have done in hi-fi & can't say enough about the unit. Also, have you ever hear these little fe103a Corals...? I been running them for about 5 days & I tell ya they go it going on..amazing little speaker..Image like a mofo & have natural high end that leaves me NOT thinking of a helper tweeter, which is awsome...pure driver from amp,, & nothing in between.. well except the 140hz on down with the Vifa & active plate combo.but that don't count...*s*. If your in the area sometime Nick, stop by & take a listen @ what your TVC sounds like in this small system..Also got rid of ever damn ceramic driver I had left in any guitar cab's I have... I just can't handle them anymore, even Vintage 30's.... the real one's....light wieght Alnico's for me till I die....Tone..tone tone....Also no worries I haven't forgot................*s*
J & G

planet10 5th September 2006 08:09 AM

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All i can do is smile... these are gems.


DaveM 6th September 2006 09:37 PM

Question for those who know. Coral holy baskets or Fostex 108EZ? I am planning my next project, and I am torn between these two. Any feedback on which is better (subjective or not)

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but this seems as good a place as any to ask.



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