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Jeb-D. 28th July 2006 04:58 PM

FR Bipole; room placement?
I just finished my first FR project which is bipoles with a front firing port, using TB 1052SA drivers. It sounds great, but I noticed the bass response is dramatically dependent on speaker placement. They seem to do best with the rear drivers facing corners (but about 2ft away). Mids and highs seem to not really be affected by placement.

Is this normal for bipoles?

Dumbass 28th July 2006 06:38 PM


Originally posted by Jeb-D.
Is this normal for bipoles?
Normal for practically all FR speakers. Frequencies above baffle step cutoff will be largely independent from room effects because they radiate directly into half-space. Of course rear reflections have some influence, but will be more pronounced for lower frequencies (because lower frequencies get in-phase boundary reinforcement, I started drafting a little whitepaper on boundary reinforcement, which might--or might not--be of some interest:

Bipole speaker will be nearer a "true" point source at all freqs than monopoles or, especially, dipole (i.e. out-of-phase).

Dumbass 28th July 2006 06:41 PM

One more note: With full-rangers, mids and highs will be even more independent of room effects than, say, a typical two-way monitor speaker, because of beaming. That is, the mids and highs become increasingly directional, as opposed to a wide-dispersion tweeter.

I believe that full-rangers do very well with wall and corner placement, for this very reason.

Jeb-D. 28th July 2006 07:27 PM

Thanks for the info! Your pretty smart for a dumbass:D

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