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Dancing_Priest 5th July 2006 02:16 PM

Drivers for PVC periscope?
Im thinking about building this as a first project;
itll be used in conjunction with a sonic-T amp, so it needs to be sensitive. And it also needs to be cheap. So what drivers would you recomend for <100 euro. This really is my very first foray into into anything even mildly Hi-Fi, so if anyone has any sugestions for a totally different plan of action for use with the sonic-T It would be most welcome!

sreten 5th July 2006 03:43 PM


If you want efficiency TL's are generally not the way to go.


Dancing_Priest 5th July 2006 04:12 PM

Also, Ideally Im looking for a european supplier, so as to avoid paying VAT and Import Duty, or a flexible american one :rolleyes:

Scottmoose 5th July 2006 04:37 PM

I can recommend the Monacor range, though they need a little more juice than some. Try the SPH-60X. Really solid bass, decent highs, slightly dark tonality, so it won't take your head off like some FR drivers have a tendency to do.

planet10 5th July 2006 06:29 PM

For a 105mm pipe you are probably looking at a 3" driver -- anything larger and you won't really be getting the most from the driver. 3" drivers are not known for their efficiency.

Since the driver Sd is one of the terms in the efficiency equation, the larger the driver the higher the potential efficiency.

I'd recommend a minimum of FE127e type efficiency for a t-amp. More would be better.


Scottmoose 6th July 2006 08:38 AM

Good point. I'd forgotten the plumbing pipe. I suppose a larger diameter pipe like sonotube, with the driver firing vertically, so it's the world's simplest omni might be worth investigating too.

Kensai 6th July 2006 01:50 PM

Sounds like a Linkwitz Pluto.


Dancing_Priest 6th July 2006 02:35 PM

Okay, so it seems that using the PVC pipe to avoid woodwork is not the way forward, what would you guys think about a set of audio nirvana super 8's from commonsense audio in one of their enclosures as a match for the sonic-t
Or can anyone gaive me some ideas for a simple horn design that may suit these, or should I go for a horn with these drivers?
At the moment I have a couple of tons of 3/4" plywood at my disposal. The speakers shouldnt be too heavy nor too big and will inebitably be situated in the corners

planet10 6th July 2006 06:19 PM


Originally posted by Dancing_Priest
At the moment I have a couple of tons of 3/4" plywood at my disposal. The speakers shouldnt be too heavy nor too big and will inebitably be situated in the corners
Small & corners & efficient screams out a set of frugel-horns with FE126e. You'd have to adjust things for 3/4" material but by moving the extra thickness into the voids or the CC you could do it...


sreten 7th July 2006 08:56 AM


if not too wide or deep but very tall to be put in corners appeals,
and a horn is too complicated to build go for a BIB - very easy.

the 6.5" and 8" Fostex designs should suit the nirvana drivers.


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