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vangogh-hk 1st July 2006 04:13 PM

DIY project recommended for small power amp
Dear all,

Could anyone recommend a suitable DIY speaker project for me with the following requirement:

1. For small power tube amps 1 to 8 W output.
2. Listening room area 10ft x 12ft x 8ft height
3. Music perfered: Vocal and classic
4. budget around US$500
5. perferable with step to step illustration

I am think of building a pair of horn with full range driver.
Is it a good idea or any other better suggestion.

Thanks a lot

Scottmoose 1st July 2006 06:00 PM

www.planet10-hifi -see the Frugelhorn take a look at the cabinets available for different drivers, and see what you fancy.

The Frugelhorn is very efficient, but won't go as low. These small horns have a terrific reputation for midrange and high-end clarity, though with their smaller drivers they're obviously not bass-fiends. You'll either need corners to load it, or use the rear diffuser.

I've build 4 pairs of Martin King's ML TQWT so far; it's the most versatile cabinet I know of in terms of it's forgiving nature of the drivers it takes. The FE167E is a drop-in replacement for the now superceeded FE164. The FF165K will work even better in a small room, the only modification needed is a reduction in vent diameter to 2in.

Bob's straight MLTL is another cracking enclosure, though as a commercial product, he charges a small fee for the plans. These two need a bit more power than the horns, but in a small room, and with your taste in music, 5w should be ample.

The BIB is blast from the past -a 'traditional' corner horn (it works with just a rear wall too) -efficient, and easy build, and with remarkable bass. They're not exactly monitors: LS3/5a accurate they are not, but they still sound very good. Plenty of options for different drivers too.

Which is best? You decide! Depends on your prefered 'sound' really.

Hope some of these ideas are of use

vangogh-hk 2nd July 2006 03:37 PM

Thank you for the recommendations.

How about a Hedlund horn in comparsion with the ML TWQT and BIB horn?

I am looking for something that can reproduce clear vocal and instrument image.


Scottmoose 2nd July 2006 04:01 PM

You're welcome!

The Hedlund is passable enough (I simulated one a while back in Martin's MathCad worksheets, which are staggeringly accurate), but it does nothing the BIB enclosure doesn't do (it certainly doesn't go anything like as low) and is much harder to build, though it does look stunning.

The ML TQWT will be more accurate than the BIB. It's a very precise window on the recording -an astonishingly accurate one actually. The BIB, providing you have the corners to load it, will go lower, louder, and sounds more like a live event. Down to taste really. I have both, and wouldn't dream of getting rid of either. You could buy a pair of FE167E or FF165K drivers (my favourites), build both cabinets, and see which you prefer! I usually suggest Martin's ML TQWT for a first build, and then try other things afterward. Should you ever feel you need to.


vangogh-hk 3rd July 2006 05:01 PM

"These two need a bit more power than the horns, but in a small room, and with your taste in music, 5w should be ample."

May I know whether these speakers work well also for tube amp with lower power,
e.g. 5687 SE 1W or 2A3 SE 3W

Do I need to use a larger driver like 8 inch?


Scottmoose 3rd July 2006 06:53 PM

I wouldn't try them with less than 5W, even with the 8in drivers. Although I like the sound of some low powered valve amps, providing they have decent output transofrmers (rare) they are horribly limiting in what you can and cannot do. They'll work in that nothing is likely to go bang, but you'll need to run the amp[s] flat out, leaving no headroom for dynamic swings, and in 99.999% of ultra low power amps, distortion rockets with increasing output. 5-10W is a sensible minimum IMO.

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