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type 23rd June 2006 02:16 AM

Rock with a full range speaker
How do you like your full range speakers when it comes to listening to Rock/Hard Rock? What do you consider the best full ranger when it comes to this type of music?

GM 23rd June 2006 03:40 AM


For me, R&R/Hard Rock and FR drivers are mutually exclusive unless they are augmented with a LF/midbass and super tweeter. The one exception might be a really large front and back loaded horn design, but never having auditioned one with Hard Rock, it's just speculation.

Soft Rock OTOH can be adequately handled by a Jordan MLTL in an average size room.


bassrogue 23rd June 2006 04:53 AM

I listen to hard rock sometimes through my fostex 206 in BLH and yes, they could use a bit more thump but it's not to the point of wanting a sub. I moved mine to the corners of the room to add more bass.

Geek 23rd June 2006 07:15 AM

FR can put you in the concert hall, but not the mosh pit ;)

vladimir 23rd June 2006 08:52 AM

some observations: Supravox in OB is very nice with the rock music! Small Fostexes are too "clean sounding" and bass-shy so could be a bit agressive/unsupportable with rock. Lowthers/ACR in front horns with SE tubes are realy nice for rock (BD front horns). Chip FRs i experienced sound good with small acoustic music, when thinks become more complex - as rock music - they tend to be agressive and distorted, especialy when played loud.

Sherman 23rd June 2006 01:57 PM

Re: Rock with a full range speaker

Originally posted by type
How do you like your full range speakers when it comes to listening to Rock/Hard Rock? What do you consider the best full ranger when it comes to this type of music?

I was going to ask this same question. I've gotten the itch to build a pair of Fostex horns using the FE206E or 207E. Most of the music I listen to isn't hard rock but some of it is.

Based on the responses here it seems that I should either plan on adding a subwoofer and supertweeter (though my ears might not benefit from the extra high frequencies!) or having two sets of speakers (not a high WAF option).

Still have the itch to build though! ;)

Cal Weldon 23rd June 2006 02:49 PM


Originally posted by Geek
FR can put you in the concert hall, but not the mosh pit ;)
Couldn't have said it better myself.

adason 23rd June 2006 03:09 PM

it depends... depends how loud you want to play your rock music, it depends how much are you willing to sacrify the bass

i have been using Lowthers on open baffle supported from 150Hz down by 15" woofer for 10 years now
and it can play any music

I believe that speakers should be designed to play well with all sorts of music...having said that, I do have second system just for very loud, very dynamic music, mostly rock, based on three compression drivers with pa 18" woofer, those speakers rocks, but occasionaly I play classical music on them too...

in my hymble opinion, single fr without woofer support in any enclosure will not satisfy, did not satisfy me

navin 23rd June 2006 05:15 PM

I have heard resoanable results in a 200 sq. ft. room using the JX92 mated to a sub below 100Hz. I assume the SupraVox or Veravox mated to a sub can also work. For any rock slam you should use a sub with a fullrange.

Dumbass 23rd June 2006 05:29 PM

I might have a non-consensus opinion, but I think it is easier to get rock right than orchestral music right, with full-ranger or not. Large-scale orchestral music tends to have really gnarly transients in JUST the frequency range that is difficult for typical full-rangers. Most rock recordings, on the other hand, tend to be pretty compressed.

My FE207E in vented cabs give as much as I would want (with the exception of sub-bass) on material ranging from rock, reggae, electronic, jazz, esoterica, etc etc. If I had a larger listening room, however, I am not certain.

IMO a lot has to do with the kind of amplification. There seems to be an automatic conflation of single driver with SET -- misplaced assumption IMO. Lowthers in large rearloaded horn -- OK, that is a high efficiency setup. But most people with fullrangers have stuff that is CONSIDERABLY less efficient, and could use some more umph than just a 2A3 or 300B single-ended.

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