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no xo 17th April 2006 09:22 PM

Is this even worth trying
I have seen where designers ( like Terry Cain) have built double horns, one horn path above and one path below a center mounted driver. I`m thinking about a new center channel speaker for my HT system....and it goes someting like this. I`m considering modifying the Fostex recommended double bass reflex enclosure for the FE127E. My idea would be to use the plan with 2 Fe127e`s, one front firing and one rear firing, wired in phase, placed horizontially on top of a 55" rear projection TV, to improve LF response and symetry of the enclosure, I would add a 2nd chamber on tho opposite side,the same size as the original plan specifies. So I would have this long box with 2 drivers in the center in a bipole ( I think that`s the correct term, or is it dipole)configuration each venting to a 2nd larger chamber on the sides with the ports facing to the front. There is about 1 meter behind where the speaker would be mounted and I`m hoping this would present an open spacious sound. The 2 main speakers are FE206E`s in the Fostex recommended horn and the rears FE166E`s in Fostex BR boxes ( not ideal but OK for rears). Currently the center is aFE127E in the simple BR box and so is the rear center channel. My receiver is 6 channel and I would combine front and rear speakers in one, hopefully much better front channel and then elimnate the rear center all together, as I feel it`s pretty much inaudible with 99% of the available program material. I`m probably crazy for even thinking about this as this system is most often used 2 channel music only, but I`ve got 2 FE127E`s and want to do something better with them. I am new to this and would appreciate any opnions and if you feel my idea is stupid, please tell me, nad you don`t even have to be nice about it! This is a great hobby, Thanks Ray

no xo 20th April 2006 03:30 PM

scottmoose` opinion requested
As I thought about this, what if I make the driver chamber twice the volume of the Fostex FE127E double BR plan, divide it diagonally, so the internal volume is the same as the plan, having one driver face front and one facing rear wired in series and in phase, then venting each side to the second chamber. This box would be placed horizontially on top of a rear projection TV. I hope it would be a spacious sounding center channel, using the drivers I have on hand, and a relatively easy build.

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