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binarywhisper 7th March 2006 12:44 AM

best $500 system I've ever heard
fr 125's in a small ported box with a pair of my Gram's knitted winter socks pushed tightly in the ports sitting on stands built from a 2x4 and deck screws in under 15 minutes in an unheated garage and hooked up to a Panasonic SA XR-55 bought as a discontinued model at Future Shop using woven cat 5 speaker cables and a 24" long broadband coax cable for a digital interconnect.

Last night I stuffed the socks in the ports and played Eric Clapton's Unplugged and was just stunned with what I heard. I think I'll go buy a real interconnect tomorrow :)

adason 7th March 2006 01:10 AM

hi binarywhisper,
you forgot to mention what vine were you drinking in an unheated garage that night :drink:

jamite 7th March 2006 02:33 AM

Budget systems can sound pretty good and be nicely rewarding sometimes. I built some voight pipes and powered them with a modded sonic impact-t amp (for a grand total of <$100 invested minus source) and it sounds pretty damn amazing for the money.

Any pics of the system?

The FR125's (and wr's for that matter) are pretty cool little drivers.

TerryO 7th March 2006 03:47 AM

Best Under $100 System I've ever had
Jamite's pipes are pretty impressive, IMHO, having heard them at the recent RAW Fest in Surry, Canada. Really articulate sound and well built cabinets. Very nice indeed.

I'll lay claim to the best "Under $100 System" title, although I know that there are a several challengers of stature out there.


Toshiba 3950 DVD player ($55.00 /new, on sale)
Sansui AU 7900 integrated amp ($15.00 /St. Vinnies)
Radio Shack 1197 "Hi-Tweek" Black Box PR speakers ($27.00 /RS closeout drivers plus Planet 10 phase plugs)

Total: $97.00

Small budget, small room, small mind, but major enjoyment!

Best Regards,

jamite 7th March 2006 04:28 AM

Those were the little black ones right?

TerryO 7th March 2006 04:43 AM

There were several pairs of black speakers at the meet, here's mine:

Post #125
I felt that there was something a bit awry with the MTM using the new 6", so i switched to the little bass reflex using a single modded RS 40-1197 that Terry O is so proud of (and rightly so). These creamed the prototypes in the MTM in the critical midrange. (at least a couple others coroborated this opinion).

I remember back to the RAWfest where the 1st WR125 proto was heard and it elicited similar comments and turned out really well in the end, so i have high hopes for the 6 too.

planet10 has attached this image:
Click the thumbnail to see the original image.

I'm not sure how to get images to work so you not get to see them.
Best Regards,

jamite 7th March 2006 04:58 AM

To further derail the thread :dodgy:

Yes, those are the ones I'm talking about. I loved those on tubes in the main room. Some pretty amazing midrange and vocals from those. I personally thought they lost a little depth and imagery when they got moved to the ss gear in the smaller room, but then again we're talking about two totally different levels of gear when comparing the two rooms.

adason 7th March 2006 10:57 AM

if i think about it, my big open baffle experiment clasify as budget system too
it has four 15" magnavox woofers (appr $15 each), two of each 8" and 10" magnavox midranges (don't remember $5-15?), one magnavox tweeted per side ($10), powered with restored maganavox tube amp ($50 at most) with nec as cd (free) and dcc as da converter ($40)
all together around $200 at most
must be heard to believe! / beats $2000 system in local hifi store/

DigitalJunkie 7th March 2006 11:04 AM


Sansui AU 7900 integrated amp ($15.00 /St. Vinnies)
Uh! My heart just skipped..
I have an AU7900 and love it,I'd probably die if I found one for that cheap somewhere! Guess I gotta keep an eye out! :smash:

Scottmoose 7th March 2006 11:34 AM

A pair of Terry Cain BIB pipes with 5 1/4" drivers from Electrovision (total cost 52), gainclone (80) with 2nd hand Denon TU260L MK2 tuner as the source (50). BBC Radio 3 sounded suitably spectacular across the Prom season. Not exactly accurate, but for the money, I've yet to hear anything better.

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