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one1speed 22nd December 2005 03:51 PM

Veravox 5x, any reviews?
I am really interested in this driver, as the small amount I've heard of it is very intriguing. I was wondering if anyone knows of any reviews or other helpful information.

I've searched online and here, and really haven't found much but simple remarks.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!


Roemhild 22nd December 2005 07:55 PM

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Hi Layne

if you are interested in thios speaker you sholud contact Andreas Guhde

I have the Veravox 5s. It is a very very good fullrange speaker.
I have had it in a combination with a front loaded horn and an 15" woofer.
The volume behind the veravox5s was a bit smaller than 5ltr. Opening area was 60cmx60cm with a lenght of 25-28cm.

best regards

one1speed 22nd December 2005 08:54 PM

Thanks so much, I will do that. Cheers!!

Cantare 22nd December 2005 10:16 PM


youŽll find some info about the Veravox drivers on our homepage. We initiated/started the Veravox drivers on the High End trade fair in Frankfurt in the year 2002, the mini Onken cabinet was a sudden highlight of the show and a big success. In the German press called "Hobby HiFi" you can find some detailed measurements and comments. Additional there was an outstanding review of our backloaded horn "little wonder" Verahorn in the issue 5/2003 of Hobby HiFi and the mini Onken called "Little Wing" in the Klang&Ton magazine 2/2005 both designed for the Veravox 5 fullrange.


Andreas Guhde

Marnix 3rd January 2006 01:50 PM

Veravox 5x
Dear Layne,

Read your post in diy forum.

In combination with my push-pull tube amplifier I do posses two "little Wonder" horn speakers, build according the concept of Andreas Guhde. As promised their behaviour is extremely clear and dynamic in particular when you are lover of voices and piano. To my idea the very low mass of the 5X is due to this fact. Also "dry" Jazz recordings are excellent. The horns give you the idea of being directly present at performances.

As related to horns the ideal listening position in the room is limited to a small center range.
Although I started with only the horns, later I enlarged the system with two ARG 3 ribbon tweeters also from Andreas (I bought all speakers at his place in Germany; Andreas is a very nice person and an expert in his filed). I build these ribbons directly on the horn with "only" 6dB filter seperation (high border 3200 Hz). It did improve the ultra high range.

Keep in mind, when you really emphasis a strong bass fundament, an enlargement with a subwoofer is recommendable.

Wenn you have resources enough another alternative is the recently presented Cumulus horn (see I did not hear this horn yet but is the references are promising (and expansive)

one1speed 6th January 2006 08:41 PM

Thanks for the replies! Sorry to be so late. I read your replies, just didn't post right away.

Sound like really nice drivers. Are there major differences between the 5x and 7x sonically? I ask as I noticed the 7x has a higher Q and I will be using these OB rolled at around 200 hz to a larger bass driver.

Thanks much.

Cantare 11th January 2006 05:49 PM

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the Veravox 7X is out of production.
I have build up a new prototype called "Veravox 7X Cantare Signature" and demostrated it at the European Triode Festival end of 2004. It was a small open baffle with 8" subwoofer. Maybe some guys of this forum do remember. The people liked it. A B2** in comparison, for example, did not have any chance. It is planned to start production of this Signature version in the future. But this driver has got a hard paper suspension, so it doesnŽt make any bass. YouŽll need a frontloaded horn and an extra subwoofer in a Onken cabinet e. g. for it.


Andreas Guhde

youyoung21147 18th March 2006 12:32 PM

All those drivers look very interesting !

Are there any graphs, particularly CSD, available on the Internet for those three drivers ?

I'd be very interested using one in my future system for the 260~10,000Hz band !

Knowing that I want the highest details level, what would be the most adapted driver in my application ?

Thx in advance !

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