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deandob 10th December 2005 09:53 PM

Advice on highest quality full range driver

I'm looking to build a full range system over the New Year holidays. I have been reading this forum and the other one at and have not been able to work out what would be the highest quality driver for my situation, as follows:

1) Lowest distortion. John Krutke did an excellent job measuring and comparing a number of lower price drivers. I have a pair of Tang-Band W3-871s as a computer speaker, which is a great speaker for the price. However I have not seen a similar comparison for the higher quality / price full range drivers

2) I will be using a sub below 100hz. I don't believe a full range driver can do the top end well and do the bottom end justice, the physics just don't allow it.

3) Happy to spend a couple of hundred dollars per driver to get the best.

4) Prefer a smaller driver, as I want to build bookshelf / small boxes. 3" - 5" preferred.

5) I listen to rock music mostly, however I dont expect this speaker to be driven to high SPLs, and it will be in a medium to large room.

6) Using a class-D amp (Hypex), so speed, dynamics, clarity and soundstage are important.

Any ideas? From what I can work out, the Jordan jx92 is best suited, however I'd be interested in comparisons with other equivalent drivers and what the differences in sound would be between these drivers.


ErikdeBest 10th December 2005 10:04 PM

Welcome to the endless search for the highest quality full range driver.

You already state you will be using the speaker mostly for rock - what kind of rock should I imagine? I've read comments that the Jordan is pretty good at voices/jazz, light things...but is messy at orchestra music, so probably won't do that good on the 'heavier kinds of rock' too.

Good luck


deandob 10th December 2005 10:23 PM

Thanks Erik,

Music is mostly light rock & some instrumental / voices.

I'm interested in subjective observations of differences in voice (tone/timbre), dynamics (speed), clarity (distortion) between the different high end full range drivers, and how they suit for near field and far field listening.

I can look up the objective differences between the drivers in their datasheets :D


Scottmoose 10th December 2005 11:39 PM

Lowther DX55. I do hope you're feeling rich though. If you can find any left, the limited edition Fostex FE166ES-R with its frightening magnet leaves most other things standing.

Cheaper and smaller: Fostex FE108ESigma could be a good bet, still cheaper, the latest version of their FE126E is making major waves at the moment. Providing you can find any that is...

deandob 11th December 2005 05:44 AM

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the listing of recommeded drivers, which acted as a starting point for more research. It sounds like the DX55 is the driver to beat but costs big bucks.

Has anyone made a comparison between the DX55 and the Jordan Jx92?


sumacSK 11th December 2005 07:28 AM


Take a look also at veravox 5X. There is not much info about it on the net, but from what i've read, it should be one of the best.


deandob 11th December 2005 11:15 AM

Interesting that all the drivers recommended are ones that are rated for high dynamics, ie. lightweight cones, fast acceleration, strong magnets etc.

Can anyone comment on the sound differences between the Veravox 5X, Lowther DX55 and Jordan jx92 as these seem to be the shortlist?


soongsc 11th December 2005 01:11 PM

It's a pity companies don't publish large signal test results such as Klippel data. That would really help narrowing down selection.

Scottmoose 11th December 2005 01:26 PM

Yup. No less a luminary than Nelson Pass himself. Along with a dozen more too. This is from Nelson's First Watt site, and is refering to using power transconductance amplifiers (current-source amps) with full-range drivers, but it has good comparisons using voltage sources with these drivers too. Makes a good read. It might take a few seconds to load up though: it's a 2.5mb page.


Landroval 11th December 2005 06:59 PM

How about the different Supravox 215 models? The 215-2000?

Or Fostex F200A:

I've heard neither, but they seem to have some fans.

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