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then_dude 30th November 2005 12:37 AM

build my first full ranger,let's build another one:a small fullrange high end pc-spea
hello everybody,

i have just build my first full ranger: a coral flat 8 build in a BR
i have build it based on the plans on

the sound: well its quite good. problem is : i have not enough heard high end speakers nor do i have a measuring system.

the complain about bass is not an issue : well it goes deep and a lot of bass. but i think because it has to produce highs and low, the higs are modified by the excursion of the lows: and that is what sometimes makes it sound bad i think.
but bass is enough (i play bass so i'm sensitive about it)

the high: i think there are enough highs. i like very much a lot of treble and it is there. maybe the "air" around instruments isn't that good. off course it is no ribbon tweeter.

a friend of mine with a densen and audionote speaker came by, and he was enorm impressed by the sound (which was played over the soundcard: which is very noisy).

i can hear very well the different settings of the recordings.

but there is a bump in the frequency spectrum. i'm not trying to get the bump (in mids somewhere) down, but trying to get the rest up. Im putting on the loudess ( i know i haven't usd it for ten years), the bass i'm putting low, and the treble up. The sound is very good then.

but i wanna get i better, at night the neighbours wanna sleep, so i wanna build a very small high end pc speaker.
to keep it cheap and high end a fullranger in a BR or a spiral horn could be the answer. a small subwoofer that could go low maybe for exta bass ? sound pressure is no issue, since i'm gonna sit .5 meter from it. i'm gonna put them next to my flatscreen.

anyone an idea ?
i have thougt about the solo103 or the spiral horn 103, or spiral horn with a tangband. maybe a sub ? i find it very pleasent to put on music : not hard but hear also the bass very well, and that is something which a sub can do easily. but the crossover should be passive, i don't wanna spent 200 euro for an subwoofer module. (the amp will be an t2020 i think)

anyway guys, if i have a measuringsystem then i'll make some measurements. within a few months i will buy one.

thanx guys

Hara 30th November 2005 01:23 AM

These look simple, cheap, and effective when coupled with a sub.

I'll actually only be building a pair of the non-folded speaker.

I'm going to build them myself, I already ordered the parts. They will be my sister's PC speakers powered by a SI T-Amp. I won't build the sub until later cause she said she really doesn't listen to bassy music.

Overall, the project is less than 100 dollars. This will be my first full ranger. :smash:

Scottmoose 30th November 2005 07:54 AM

Something like that should do. however, you must remember to cross the sub over at or preferably below 70Hz, or things will become directional.

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