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santiu 29th November 2005 05:49 PM

Fostex 126e in the 108-sigma enclosure
Hey everybody,

So I was about to order up some 108-sigmas and make the fostex recommended BLH, but then I saw that Ed Schilling has switched from the 108-sigmas to the 126e in his horn and has nothing but positive comments about it.

I was really excited to build the 108-sigma recommended enclosure (I like how it looks, and it's about the size I'm looking for). Do you guys think it would be a bad idea to just plop a 126 in the 108 enclosure? All Ed did to put the 108's in his horn was to dampen the basket and put some foam in the compression chamber. So I was hoping that maybe I could do something similar and get good results (hopefully better results than just using the 108 in the same enclosure).

what do you guys think?

thanks a bunch...

Scottmoose 29th November 2005 10:52 PM

First time I've heard the phrase 'just' the FE108ESigma... ;)

Seriously though, it could work, though you'd likely need to do a fair bit of tweaking. My gut suspicion is that the compression-chamber could be too small in the Sigma enclosure though. I believe Eds Horns are based upon the Buschorn folding (which version I'm not sure), which I suspect has a bigger chamber. However, as the new FE126Es (if you can even get hold of them, I believe Ed has got the world monopoly on these new drivers at the moment!) aren't too expensive, it wouldn't be a terribly costly experiment to go pear shaped, and you could easily revert back to the original plan of using the Sigmas if it didn't work out. (which would then allow you to go crackers at a later date, and indulge in those over-priced, but spectacular brass-rings.). I like the Fostex Factory Sigma horns too -they're much better than people often believe (look good as well don't they).

I haven't heard the new FE126E, though there's lots of good comments emerging, and I've a few ideas kicking around that I'm looking into refining when I get a moment.


MichaelK 1st December 2005 05:22 PM

Is there a new FE126ES coming out? Does anyone know any more about this?

I am also planning to build a pair of BH2, using the 108ES. Perhaps I should wait a bit for this new speaker, if it is reality


dfreemansc 9th December 2005 05:42 PM

I've just applied the compression chamber equation from the Full Range Driver website:

to see what it came up with.
Based on the parameters for the 108ez, it suggests a 2.4l compression chamber for a 77Hz cut-off horn, and 2.9l for the 126e.

The actual chamber volume (not accounting for driver) in the Fostex recommended design is 1.53l, so at first glance it looks as though the calculation is not useful.

However, when I scaled the volumes so that the result for the 108ez driver matches with the fostex design, the 126e result changes to 1.8l, which is almost exactly the volume you get if you remove the 'packing pieces' from the chamber!

Does this suggest hope for trying the 126e in this design, or am I being hopelessly simplistic in my thinking?


MichaelK 9th December 2005 07:28 PM

I think it looks quite promising. I am planning to use 126 E also, very much based on the very positive reviews from Ed Schilling

You will probably have to dimenson the chamber by trial and error. The BH enclosure has quite a big chamber so it is not so difficult to make it smaller by blocking it off or putting wood blocks in there


chrisb 9th December 2005 10:05 PM

which BH?
Ed has released photos of the innards of The Horn"ette", that are artfully enough composed so as to not reveal the entire story, but cleary indicate the folding is "based" on the original BH (MkI) design.

Of course it has been scaled up a bit in overall dimensions, and there are other secrets that have yet to be reverse engineered. (not for the lack of trying by many a DIY - clonehack :devilr: )

Oh yeah, if you're situated in North America, try and buy a new pair of these drivers right now.

planet10 10th December 2005 08:33 AM

Re: which BH?

Originally posted by chrisb
Oh yeah, if you're situated in North America, try and buy a new pair of these drivers right now.
I think i bought the last 4 -- 2 for me & 2 for Chris :)


Andrewbee 10th December 2005 02:32 PM

Remember Solen in Canada is also a Fostex dealer and may have them in stock. Its not just Madisound anymore (and I understand Madisound is out of stock at the moment).


planet10 10th December 2005 09:16 PM


Originally posted by Andrewbee
Remember Solen in Canada is also a Fostex dealer and may have them in stock.
The 4 i got were the last 4 Solen had :) Pricey thou... Solen's dealer price is more than Madisound's retail....


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