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adason 28th October 2005 01:15 AM

little fullrange magic
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hi all
just want to report this driver, a 3.5" sanyo 8 ohm 8 watts, R-S6879

when you come accross this driver, do not pass it, it sounds wonderfull
i was amazed how much music comes out of this little thingy
i just experimented with a small closed box and later with an open baffle and the midrange was so wonderfull and life like, that i ended up using it instead peerless driver for ht project
this driver is definitely designed as full range, it has quite an extended hights /although I ended up using a tweeter with it/
its bass is not deep, but it's there and in a small closed box actualy sounded pretty balanced
that's all

adason 29th October 2005 01:03 PM

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another view

Cal Weldon 29th October 2005 04:24 PM

Hi adason,

Nice drivers. I wonder if planet10 knows about these? He's a real soundhound for drivers like that.


planet10 29th October 2005 06:04 PM

The dustcap on yours is different than the ones i just sold (but they should ideally get removed anyway). Yours is the 2nd i've ever seen.


adason 30th October 2005 01:43 AM

Hi Cal,
well, you are right, obviously he does.
Those are the exact drivers, except the slight variation on the dust cap.
The reason I am reporting theese is the sound. Fabulous. Just look at the size of the magnet. If I were not lazy, I would put them in some suitable enclosure like Voight pipe or blh, i am sure they would perform well. But i am. Plus i have way too many other small full range drivers sitting around.
Thanks, planet10, for the link. Did you by any chance measure efficiency or frequency response?

planet10 30th October 2005 01:19 AM


Originally posted by adason
Did you by any chance measure efficiency or frequency response?
FR no, but impedance curve & T/S numbers are in the auction. Don't take them as gospel for yours. On versions of the 103As that i've measured lots of, the parameters can vary quite a bit.

All of the FE103A variations sound excellent, The holey basket Corals are generally considered best of breed. And they all get even better tweaked up. To better a set of tweaked ones with new drivers you have to expend over $150.

There is an extensive thread where i catalogged a whole whack of the variations. If we can find it, we'll have to add these ones in.


scottw 30th October 2005 04:51 AM

This may be the thread you are talking about:


planet10 30th October 2005 05:39 AM


Originally posted by scottw
This may be the thread you are talking about:
Thanx Scott... that's it.


adason 31st October 2005 01:37 PM

Thanks scottw and planet10, for the link and nice talk about this litle driver
i feel good about recognizing it's sound long before i read the planet10's pages
i think this driver would deserve TL box of its own, to be used as full range, as it was meant to be, but at present i have no need for such system
instead i have been putting fr drivers on the open baffle on the top of bass cabinet with success, basszila like, so even this driver ended up like that
i believe that using it primarily as midrange (from about 200 Hz) and up, limiting the bass coming out of it, and its excursion, makes midrange exceptionaly clear
tweeter is optional

Brisso57 22nd September 2008 10:30 AM

Ping Adason, pls PM me ...
I have acquired a pair of these vintage alnico's. I'm interested to what you did with your pair.



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