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timothy 7th October 2005 09:35 PM

what have learned....+ and -
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Hey All,

Been lurking around here for sometime. This spring I decided since I spend alot of time in the kitchen (where laptop is I can watch the toddlers!), I needed something more than the sounds of the dishwasher, refrigerator or occasional crackling from something burning in the oven.

Luckily someone I know is pretty good at woodworking.... so after plying him with liberal (Ted Kennedy vrs Orin Hatch) ammounts of Ouzo, I convinced him to build me some enclosures.

Our kitchen is very small. So they had to fit on top of the kitchen cabinets. I found interesting design on Fostex web page.... don't remember which page.... for 126E. It was hybrid backloaded horn/ported enclosure.

These little drivers are truly NASTY sounding when new, eh?! They have been playing now for 50+ hours and are smoothing out pretty well.

Too bad my digital camera is so old (and my ability also in question), because the veneer is gorgeous! I would love to have all my kitchen cabinets (or anyother piece of furnature!) done with this stuff (if I could afford it..... as it is these little boxes at up the better part of $100 just in veneer!).

Enough palabber. So what is my (admittedly NOT objective) assessment?
1. No driver this small will get you inspired about E. Power Biggs recordings. Horn loading or not, there is simply no way the driver can move enough air.
2. MDF...hmm... "nuetral" should be replaced with the word "dead". I like enclosure (to some small degree) enhance the resonating sound of a stand up bass or that raggedy air that resonates from the saxaphone body.
3. I really need to finish the push-pull power amp! I had orginally listened to a net radio station on my brothers computer ..... pumping the signal through dynaco tube amp....quite admirable for a computer! Well, the Yamaha A-100 power amp that I have hooked up to the computer/fostex set up only ads to the harshness of sound.
4. This enclosure (particularly when placed close to ceiling on top of kitchen cabinets!) is a little boomy and needs a little (just a little..... fluffy..) damping material.

At the end of the day. I have to realize these enclosures are what they are..... something that attempts to enhance a very small drivers sound. It actually does do that pretty well. I just get use to comparing it to the much larger Lyeco LY802F drivers.... in a much larger enclosure that are at the other end of the house). This system uses my laptop for the tuner/preamp/cd player, a power amp and the speakers. It all sounds pretty damn good...... and once the push-pull amp is done.... making Capicola Pizza while jamming to Lavay Smith is going to kick ***!

Anyone else build this enclosure? What for material?

Cal Weldon 7th October 2005 10:41 PM

That's a very nice veneer Tim.

timothy 7th October 2005 10:53 PM

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.....thanks..... after seeing results of really nice veneer job (i.e. probably some endangered tree!), next speakers will get the same treatment without a doubt.

Forgot to attached the design..... here it is.... it was from Fostex International page.....

staggerlee 9th October 2005 06:38 PM

I know what you mean about the sound. I built one of those last winter. play around with a zobel network. I think your listening experience will improve.

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