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Samuel Jayaraj 7th October 2005 09:39 AM

Best Midrange Fostex Driver- Which one?
I am in the course of buying quite a bit of stuff from Madisound among which I would like to get a pair of Fostex drivers. I emailed Josh at Madisound asking which is the Fostex drivers have the most resolved and musical mid frequency reproduction. I had sifted the choice down to FE108EZ, FE168EZ, FF125K, FF165K, FX120 and FX200.

I don't mind any kind of enclosure. I will certainly augment the bass with a sub and my preferred option is a full range without the need for a tweeter. However, if the best resolving speaker in the mid needs to be augmented with a tweeter then I might go for a ribbon tweeter.

I emailed Josh at Madisound and asked for his opinion. He recommends the FX120 and FX200 for best mids. I am wondering if the Sigma range, ie., FE108EZ and FE168EZ are inferior to the FX range in the mid department.

Any experiences and comparisons? I need to make up my mind within a day or two. Thanks in advance.

Ropie 7th October 2005 10:04 AM

Re: Best Midrange Fostex Driver- Which one?

Originally posted by Samuel Jayaraj
I am in the course of buying quite a bit of stuff from Madisound among which I would like to get a pair of Fostex drivers. I emailed Josh at Madisound asking which is the Fostex drivers have the most resolved and musical mid frequency reproduction.
Planet 10 would probably point you in the direction of the FE108EZ as having the best possible mid range. I've not heard it myself but this thread has lots more info on its use in a Buschhorn:

It apparently doesn't require a tweeter either.

Nelson Pass 7th October 2005 06:39 PM

Depends on the crossover point, but my favorite of the bunch
is the FE168 E Sigma. It does a good job from about 150 Hz to
10 KHz.


Samuel Jayaraj 8th October 2005 10:55 AM

Nelson, thanks for that reply; it does help put things in perspective.

In what kind of enclosure do you like the FE168 E Sigma?

By the way do any of the Fostex drivers lend themselves to being used in an Open Baffle arrangement?

This could mean using two mids in a D'Appolito configuration in OB with a ribbon tweeter, something like the Fountek JP3 and a cheaper rear firing tweeter. Combine this with a Closed Box (ELF type) Subwoofer using a highly sensitive PA driver- 15" or 18". Get all of these aligned for correctness of phase and use active amplification. The result expected is a very natural sounding system with amazing dynamics and openness.

Any thoughts on this alternative idea?

one1speed 10th October 2005 05:58 PM

If it helps, I'm planning to use the 168E Sigma on an OB crossed over to the Fostex FW305 (ported) below. I think that if you're willing to cross around 200 hz or higher, most of them should work OB. I'm currently working on plans.

Illusis is using this type of configuration with success with the 166ES-R, which has a very low Q.

You should be in good shape with this configuration. Cheers!

Tweeker 13th October 2005 08:36 AM

I think you have to cross fairly low and/or steep if you want to go D'Appolito, defeating some of the purpose of having such a wide range mid. Some series R and/or a higher XO can adjust most of the Fostex drivers to OB use. The main caveat is that most of them dont have a whole lot of excursion.

Scottmoose 13th October 2005 09:07 AM

I've used the FE206E on an open baffle setup, but heavily corrected and with active crossovers to dipolar subs. You'll need a lot of floor-space to achieve this, and remember, they have little in the way of xmax, so high spls are out as they simply aren't going to be shifting enough air. The only Fostex driver that genuinely lends itself to an OB arrangement is the F200a in my view, but the wallet cringes -we're talking Lowther prices here. Good driver though -one of the best full-rangers available at any price, though it needs some power -PP valves or SS are a must. The others can work well, but require greater effort.

Of the drivers you mention, I'd agree with Nelson 100% that the best of the bunch (in my experience) is the FE168ESigma. I haven't heard the 108ESigma though; it might perhaps have an edge in the upper mids, but I wonder: it's only a 4" cone, so the lower mids might suffer in comparison with the slightly larger driver. A trade off, as with anything in speaker design. Sadly, the FX200 is discontinued, and you'll be lucky to find one now. The FX120 is still around, and could be an interesting choice. I personally like the FF165K, but it could do with a tweeter as it rolls off circa 17KHz, and is best loaded in a big TQWT in my experience.


kiang 15th October 2005 09:40 PM

Hi Samuel

Bangalore eh!

:drunk: Pub city and all that

I would go with the 108 , would suit your requirements.
What design are you planning?

Samuel Jayaraj 19th October 2005 11:52 AM

I am deciding on a huge purchase list and it includes a pair of the FE168EZSigmas and Fountek JP3s. I am going to use this in a Quarter Wave Loading enclosure.

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