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edjosh23 4th October 2005 08:35 PM

Tb W4-1052sa
I was wondering if anyone has used these. I remember there was a modification for them, but I haven't heard of anyone using them in a project. The Omega Minuet uses two of these, which is what I was planning on doing. I was going to try a bipole setup instead and I was thinking about getting some for my car too.

Anyone tried them?



forget a link to the spec sheet

blip1882 5th October 2005 05:03 PM

Hmmm... That Omega design is interesting. I did a little reverse engineer on them and I can't for the life of me figure out how they get a frequency response of 52 Hz out of these. The best I could figure (working from the spec sheet) was a 17.70l box (approximately the same size as the Omega) that was -3 dB at 54.7 Hz.

That said, these drivers perform quite well in a relatively small box... If I can ever find access to another workshop (blasted appartment living) I might give them a shot. I'll post a potential (though probably fatally flawed by my newbieness) design for this driver later tonight.

Edit: Stumbled on a review of the Omega's using these drivers:

edjosh23 5th October 2005 09:26 PM


When I modled these drivers I got similar responce graphs. As of now space is not much of an issue, so I would be more than willing to make a larger cabinet. For some reason I really want to try a bipole design as active baffle step compensation. What really got me interested in these driver besides my car was this thead He uses a bipole design and added a tweeter on top. I think that would be great. As you can see from the frequency responce charts they don't go all the way up to 20khz and that bipole thread had the tweeter to help it up top. I thought perhaps I could add a tweeter on top too. I'm a fan of 8ohm speakers so these were perfect for a bipole design. In the article you mentioned the author (Sandy Greene) pretty much says there is a small sweet spot and that by standing up or slouching there is a big difference, I thought that with the added tweeter this might be helpful. These Omega speakers at $700 and when using 4x $22 speakers at a selling price of $700 these have to be good.

Any thoughts?


edjosh23 6th October 2005 03:45 AM

here is a link to the modifications



blip1882 6th October 2005 04:59 AM

2 Attachment(s)
I just through together my take on the general Minuet model... It is a little bigger but by my simulation it goes a little deeper and is a bit flatter. It's definitely a trade off I'd be willing to make. Anyway, if the good reviews on the Minuet are any indication, this might be a rather good sounding budget project... I'll build it someday I'm sure.

Anyway, the dipole design looks interesting. The W4-1052SA would certainly push it a bit lower... Could be a real success.

greenie512 6th December 2005 10:14 PM

Omega Minuet clone
Guys - I've just ordered 4 No - Tb W4-1052sa to build an Omega Minuet clone and was think about simply surface mounting drivers.

Do you think rebating baffle and flush mount would make any major difference. Also I'm tempted to go for Omega's (ex) size of 15" H x 7.5" W x 12" D to keep cabs as small as possible, with the thought I'd probably have a sub running as well.

Any thought on internal cab' treatment?

Cheers - Phil

edjosh23 6th December 2005 10:44 PM

Finally a builder!

Are you planning on modifying the drivers to help with upper frequencies? or are you adding a tweeter?

The larger cabinet the blip1882 designed should be much better, I came up with a little bit smaller box, using WinISD beta, but not much smaller.

I think the bipolar design would actually be best, so baffle step won't come into play. Although skinny cabinets look much better, their bass extension will be much less due to the losses caused by baffle step. Omega's design was 7.5" wide, which won't allow much bass. You did say that you would have a subwoofer in the room, but personally I enjoy having stereo bass. I'm not really sure about baffle step and at what frequency the bass starts to roll off on a 7.5" baffle.

Flushmounting the drivers does have its perks, if you go to
Zaph's website he explains it pretty well.

You may want to roundover the sides as well.

For internal cabinet treatment, well, there are lots of theories, Zaph also explains some on his website. If you really want to go all out on this design I would brace the drivers and cabinet well, try one of those deflex pads (I'll try and find a link after dinner), and I would stuff the enlosure pretty well since your using a smaller than optimum enclosure.

Good Luck,


blip1882 7th December 2005 01:09 AM

Excellent! I'm so happy that someone is taking this project on. I think that it has one of the best potentials for a simple bass reflex, cross-overless speaker.... Especially if you want to avoid going bipole for some reason.

If only it was a bit smaller I'd probably be building them for my desk, but I think instead I'm going to go with a bit shorter FE127 based approach.

As for advice, roundovers will be important on a thin cabinet and flush mounting is also key.

From my reading of the Omega website it sounds like their cabinet is pretty well braced and damped. They also have a "floating baffle" which I've never figured out what they mean by... But suggests heavy damping around the driver.

Note that the dimensions I list are internal without any bracing etc. so you might want to expand them a bit if you are going to do any extensive bracing inside the cabnet

Another piece of advice is to use two sets of banna jacks on the back so that you can play around with them in both parrallel and series. I believe that the Omega Minuet has its inputs set up this way.

Good luck and keep us all posted.

Also, if you want my WinISD files I'm more than happy to post them... Though they are pretty easy to reproduce, if you prefer.

greenie512 7th December 2005 03:09 AM

Sounds good
Guy's thanks of info and encouragement, will certainly keep you posted.

Don't know how much progress I'll get as the season of "bl**ding good will" is upon us all.

If you haven't spotted my odd postings here's a link to my projects so far

Cheers - Phil

greenie512 7th December 2005 07:32 PM

More thoughts.....
For my “Minuet” clone I was thinking about proto typing the cabinet with (initially) removable front and back panels. Why, well to try a front port below the two drivers as I tend to run my speakers reasonably close to the back wall.

On the small Fostex FE126e BR cabinets I had, I really didn’t notice any “chuffing” sounds from the front firing port. Although with 2 x 4” I will no doubt get a lot more air movement through the port. If it is all too noisy I’ll cut a new front baffle and swap to the rear and once I get final combination I’ll permanently fix front/back.

Cheers - Phil

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