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Tyimo 1st September 2005 04:49 PM

Which BLH for linear response down to 40Hz?

I would like to ask the Experts that which BLH enclosures could give linear response down to 40Hz among the following:
-Fostex recommended enclosure for the FE166 ES-R
-Fostex recommended enclosure for the FE166E
-BassTuba from HM-moreart
-or altogether suggest a design that could fill the requirements of the 40hZ?

Thanks !


youyoung21147 1st September 2005 09:16 PM

a deep bass response implies a huge horn. Unless you can manage with room bounce, a horn like Fostex's recommended designs won't reach 40Hz with a good linearity.

I tried to design a BLH for my FX120 but it was so huge and non-linear that I gave up.

You can still try it using Martin's sheets.

Greets !

zobsky 1st September 2005 09:37 PM

i'm still waiting for someone to try the replikon (too much other stuff on my hands at the moment :) ) though it is not a "true horn"

youyoung21147 1st September 2005 10:01 PM

In fact, all the "not too big" horns that go quite low are hybrids. They behave like TLs at LF.

MJK wrote a nice article about this in his website

Scottmoose 1st September 2005 10:19 PM

Quick answer: none. To reach down to 40Hz horn ('real' or otherwise) has to be downright huge. That's not what they are either good at or designed for: they all need support from a decent sub in this respect. I reckon your best bet of the ones you mention would be the Hedlund -it's better than most of the horn designs I've modelled in Martin's MathCad sheets, partnered with a decent REL or better, a pair.

Andrewbee 2nd September 2005 04:15 AM

What about the old Schmacks Exponential horn ?


Scottmoose 2nd September 2005 09:52 AM

Good idea; I was forgetting the classic horns and drivers. Could I cast a vote for a pair of Tannoy's giant GRF cabinets? Here's a set of excellent plans that can be used in cutting:
Shouldn't be too tricky to build. Shove a pair of appropriately sized re-built HPD drivers into them -these are underpriced at present compaired to the earlier Silvers, Reds and Golds. Not as good of course, but not bad either. If you don't want the Tannoy Dual Concentric 2 ways, then scour the classifieds for a pair of big (12" or 15") classic Goodmans or Philips full-rangers and use those: with some minor modifications, the cabinets should work quite well with these. Sound is massive with these cabinets.

Tyimo 2nd September 2005 05:15 PM

Thanks for everybody!

Zobsky! Yes, the Replikon is fascinating me too, but the plans are not available on the Hornlautsprecher site yet. :-(

youyoung21147! You are right with the the size problems, but there is one Fostex design what can lightly reach the 35Hz: the Fostex BK208 with FE208E! It has St:177cm2, Sm:1155cm2, Line lenght:232cm. These data are very close to the Fostex recommended enclosure for the FE166 ES-R. This is why I thought that it could go down to 40 Hz.

Scottmoose! I belive in the Hedlund and I would like to make some simulation with MJK's software too. In another thread I already asked about the Hedlund's correct measurements, but I will ask here too:
-what is the correct St (3x23cm?)
-what is the correct Sm (65x23cm?)
-what is the correct line lenght?
-what is the horn contour? exponential?

And one more strange question: I like the Fostex recommended enclosure for the FE103 E. What would happen with the sound quality and with the low cutoff, if I would increase the horn enclosure wide form 15cm to 18 or 20cm??

Thanks and Greets:


squalor 3rd September 2005 01:01 AM

Dallas II is said to get to the low 40s in the right room.
This is not my pic but I am building one and will have pics soon. Another DIYaudio member, Jeremy, has built one and really likes it. Want the plans ?

moray james 3rd September 2005 01:13 AM

check these out
have a look at Onur's site he has some nice designs. A set of 8 inch dual concentric Tannoy's in his cabinets will yield you 27 Hz. very nice design work and very small cabinets compared to the designs you have been looking at. line resonances are controlled and very good efficiency. Best regards Moray James.

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