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Lostcause 3rd August 2005 08:25 PM

Need help
Hi gents, I've been surfing this forum for only a couple of days and I've probably picked up more information than I can handle!
I really need some guidance on a suitable speaker set up for a sprused-up Sonic T-amp.
After starting in the loudspeaker forum it now seems that I should be looking at more sensitive drivers and Fullrange Fostex seem to be the order of the day?
My budget is around 200 not including the enclosures which again, I will need some help on.
Room size: 3 x 5 M approx.
Music volume: Low/medium
Music: Easy listening (jazz, pink floyd, Damien rice etc)
Disgression is also on the menu (nothing too big), with stands or floor standing?
If you can give me any sugestions on designs they will be greatly appreciated, I have been surfing but I'm finding it difficult to match all the perameters without some guidance.
Thanks in advance.:confused: :xeye:

Ropie 3rd August 2005 09:25 PM

Maybe these; they would certainly be within your budget:

roddyama 3rd August 2005 09:33 PM

Take a look at Bill F.'s thread here. He has some fostex going for cheap.

Scottmoose 3rd August 2005 10:10 PM

Ypu have a few options here here: what you go for depends on whether you want a small, medium or large driver.

Small driver = (say) Fostex FE103E. A Zigmahornet would be high on my agenda, and there's another simple design here too lower down:
A couple of more complicated designs are here:

With a 200 budget, using a medium sized driver, if you can cope with a very tall, (but slim and elegant) box, and you don't mind deviating from a flat response in favour of heftly bass, you could try Terry Cain's Bigger Is Better box, but use the Fostex FF165K or perhaps FE167E. it measures better than it simulates. The design's here:
Top choice however at this price (& you could just about manage it) would be Martin King's simply wonderful ML TQWT. It's probably far more obtrusive than you want though which is a pity as they look rather good when complete: certainly a conversation piece! The design is here: Use the FE167E in this: it's a straight swap for the now superceeded FE164E Martin used.

With a large driver, you wouldn't have much budget left for an enclosure, so I'd simply get a pair of Fostex FE206E 8" drivers and stuff them into a 45L vented box as shown in the Fostex site. You could then upgrade to an MLTL cabinet at a later date.

Whatever you go for, good luck!

Lostcause 3rd August 2005 10:31 PM

Scottmoose, thanks for the lowdown, but I think they need to be more discreet...

With a large driver, you wouldn't have much budget left for an enclosure, so I'd simply get a pair of Fostex FE206E 8" drivers and stuff them into a 45L vented box as shown in the Fostex site.
This sounds like the best solution and seems to be the recommended way to go as they are very efficient drivers. Which box is it your looking at?
The T-amp seems to be geared towards this..
15W @ 4, 10% THD+N
10W @ 8, 10% THD+N
High Efficiency
81% @ 15W, 4
90% @ 10W, 8
Dynamic Range = 98 dB
Do you still think this is a good solution for say 80db listening?
I like the look of the solo 103's but dont know if the drivers are efficient enough?

Dumbass 4th August 2005 12:41 AM


Originally posted by Scottmoose
With a large driver, you wouldn't have much budget left for an enclosure, so I'd simply get a pair of Fostex FE206E 8" drivers and stuff them into a 45L vented box as shown in the Fostex site. You could then upgrade to an MLTL cabinet at a later date.
MLTL cabinet is just as easy to build as a bass reflex. Plus, bass reflex cabinet requires a stand anyway, MLTL doesn't and has a nice small footprint. Plus MLTL has superior bass quality.

I recommend either the FE206E or FE207E in Martin's project 5:

Scottmoose 4th August 2005 07:51 AM

Agreed 100% with the above. The reason I didn't suggest them however was because the additional cost in extra cabinet materials and the BSC circuit would take it well over the 200 budget. That said, the considerable benefits would be well worth it. I've built several of Martin's MLTLs 2 pairs of his FE164[7]E ML TQWT and 2 of his FE206[7]E MLTLs that you've mentioned, and love them, but the typical cost of the latter, done properly, in my experience starts at around 250. Personally, I'd stretch the budget if possible!

A bass reflex is not really a favoured choice of mine, but some people do like them, and it's at least cheap and you get some frightening transient response. If you do this, I wouldn't look at any particular box: just make something that's got a volume of 45L, add a 3" x 3" vent, and stuff the 206 into them. The shape is up to you: a large stand-mount would probably be best, though you could try a small floor-stander with the front baffle sloped backward to aim the driver up at the listening poistion. Up to you really. If you look on the Fostex site at the recommended back-horn for the FE206E, you'll see a vented box diagram lurking in the corner. Alternatively, you could try the FE207E in the double-bass-reflex enclosure; the Fostex 'recommended' design on their site. Both would fall into your 200 budget. You'll find them here:

I doubt you'd have too many problems running the solo 103: just remember that the way forward with these would be to slam them right up against a rear wall, and tell yourself you never liked low frequencies anyway. You won't get much action below 150Hz in practical terms out of a small driver in a tiny shelf-mount design.


Lostcause 4th August 2005 08:22 AM

Now we're talkin'....thanks Dumbass and Scottmoose.
This is the kind of insight a apprentice like myself needs!
The 200 budget was really just for the drivers and I still would need stands anyway so....The floor standing MLTL with Fostex drivers seems to be the one to go for.
I realise that I can alter the correction circuit to balance things out but will these be OK if placed in the corner of the room?
Also, does the cabinet design alter depending on the amp powering it?
I can see that I'm going to get addicted to this..........

Scottmoose 4th August 2005 09:29 AM

Ah. well, life suddenly becomes easier. If that's just the driver budget, then Martin's MLTL is easy!
In response the the two questions, yes, and no. They'll be fine in corners as they are front-vented, and no, the cabinet design would not need to alter a jot if you were powering them with 212 transmitter-valves. The BSC circuit might though.
Now then, as you're running an SI T amp, I would strongly advise the FE207E, not the FE206E. Martin generally favours the 206, using heavier BSC to tame it's rising response, because the larger magnet provides a touch more detail. However, with 0.1% distortion being the limit of audability in an amplifier, you're going to have to keep the eficiency of the drivers as high as possible, which means less BSC, so the 207 would be, in my view, the better choice.
Also, check Bob Brines website, specifically here:

Bob, like Martin, is a great man to talk to, and the acknowledged master of refining transmission-line systems. He can sell you a set of plans of truely spectacular detail -cutting diagrams, the works, for a not unreasonable $25, which might be worth doing. You can also upgrade to Lowthers at some point in the future with both Bob's and Martin's designs (Bob's are based on Martin's MathCad software).


Lostcause 4th August 2005 01:00 PM

Fantastic.....within two or three posts/replies my prayers have been answered!
207's it is then, with the MTLS's and less BSC.
I like the look of those Brines cabs, the driver doesn't look as lost as it does on Martin's. Think I'll introduce some similar 'external' additions.
The 'stuffing' is interesting, wonder where I can get some of that locally?
I see Lowthers are ...........crikey they must be good.
Certainly a thought for the future.
Thanks again chaps, I'll drop a few photo's in once I've finished.

PS I was looking at Wilmslow Audio for the drivers, any sugestions on a cheaper source?

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