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Sylver300B 31st May 2005 12:15 AM

Zigmahornets on their way..
Just a few words (and questions ;) ) to say that I started my Zigmahornets today. Well, I am not very skilled, so I go s-l-o-w.. but I'm glad to start this project and give a new life to a pair of Foster 103, salvage from "Tunnel Reflex" cabinets..

Special thanks to Planet 10 for the clean plan.

Question: I find the sloped top a bit tricky to realise. Is it mandatory? or could it be just.. square? ;)

Could they equally be used with the Philips 4.5" whizzers??

Does the TQWT need some stuffing, padding?

I'm half way done.. but I want them to look nice too.. so, they "should" be ready for the week-end.

Have a good week!

Sylver300B 31st May 2005 11:59 AM

Is padding and stuffing needed?
Is some padding behind the driver, to avoid reflections and some stuffing at the beginning or end of the TQWT?


Faitour 31st May 2005 09:32 PM

Is padding and stuffing needed?
On the ones I built I put some padding directly behind the speaker. That was all that was suggested by the the directions I followed.

Sylver300B 31st May 2005 09:47 PM

Hi Faitour,

I'll try to find some felt padding, to start with.

Do you still use your Zigmas?

squalor 1st June 2005 12:27 AM

What material did you use for the cabinets ? What glue did you use ? Did you use screws ?

Sylver300B 1st June 2005 01:36 AM

Material choice

Originally posted by squalor
What material did you use for the cabinets ? What glue did you use ? Did you use screws ?

Hi Squalor,

I use baltic birch ply, 12mm. The few projects I've made using it, and comparing to "particle board" tell me there is a different "sonic signature", and since baltic birch is not that expensive, I choose it.. As well, not being a very good carpenter.. Baltic birch is so much easier to work with. It doesn't chip..

Glue? Most parts are cut, and I have not assembled anything yet, but I plan to use carpenter glue. (white glue)

Yes, I will use screws.

Up to now, what has caused me problems is the damned sloped top.

As well, I have made slight mods to the cabinets, so that I can interchange different drivers without altering to much the aesthetics.. So, it makes the design a little more complex, but it should give a "Grand" Zigmahornet.. :D

Scottmoose 1st June 2005 08:54 AM

I placed a light layer of stuffing lining the sloped top as well as some directly behind the driver. Worked for me at least.
I'm not sure if the slope is a 100% requirement; I'm less than convinced about the point for a start, but the surface area seems good, so I'd say persevere.
Suggestion: mitre-cut the side panels first, then attach the front and rear baffles. Mitre the top of the rear and front baffles to the correct angle provided by the side panels, then simply add the sloping panel, slightly over-sized to the top. Then trim and plane into shape. Mine were built out of pine-board (you know the type) often used for shelves, and that's how I did it. There's other ways too of course -it depends how you've cut the vertical panels. Another way is to attach the sloping top panel to an un-trimmed side panel. Once it's dry, simply trim the side panel to fit -ditto for the others.

Sylver300B 1st June 2005 11:56 AM

Hi Scott,

Well, my english is not good enough to tell all the bad things I think of it and difficulties I encouter about those tops, and my skills are too basic..

I suspect the slope is more for the look than the sound, but I'll do it anyway.. :bawling:

The other aspect this going back to mom's garage reminds me, is the Zen aspect of the project.. The travel is the journey to.. not the point of arrival.. So, I must say that as a rush I was, I am just apreciating, rediscovering the pleasure of just being there, smelling sawdust, while listening to Schuman, Metheny, and others on the old Telefunken Concertion and it ligthtly humming supply..


P.S. and now that I have told everybody on the net I started this project.. I must do it. ;)

Sylver300B 1st June 2005 11:59 AM


I meant, old Telefunken Concertino.. quite cheap, but fun.

Faitour 3rd June 2005 12:25 AM

Hi Sylvain,

I still use zigmahornets in my music system. I want more bass so I am looking at building some Buschhorns MKII's after Planet 10 praised them over the fostex backhorn cabinet.


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