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Cyburgs 23rd January 2005 05:41 PM

Beyma 8AG/N horn or "the Viech"
Hi to all,
I want to show my newest construction, an exponential back-loaded horn for the Beyma 8AG/N fullrange driver.
The sensitivity of the speaker is 96 dB/W/m and the RMS power rating is 35W, so the SPLmax is near 120 dB. Thats the reason for nicknaming this horn "das Viech", which means something like "the animal".
- This horn speaker is incredible powerful and dynamic and seduces to play really loud. The sound doesn't get annoying with the volume, just louder. :D
- The Fb is somewhere between 50Hz and 60Hz, which is not that low, but not bad for a driver with Fs of 105Hz.
- This driver comes out of the Beyma professional line, but sounds very natural even without notch filter. There is no PA-shout or strange coloration, however, of course it is not comparable with an exclusive high-end driver, especially in the heights. On the positive side there is the punch, the live-feeling and the easiness at high volumes which draws a smile at your face.
- And now the best thing: The driver costs about 35 Euro, which means that you can build a big, full blown rearloaded horn for about 50 Euro per side. So it is a perfect entry project into fullrange horns and perfect for beginners, students or as secondary speaker for the party room. Lucky Spaniards: I've seen, that the Beyma 8AG/N costs 18 Euros there. :rolleyes:

Here are some pictures:

And here is the plan:

And here is the frequency response. The driver was not fully broken in at this time, according to the measurements of a German DIY magazine it should go well to 12000Hz and I have to say that the heights improved in the last weeks. I will do a new measurement in the next weeks to check this. And, yes, this mesurement is calibrated, so this is what you get with one single Watt. :D

Nice greetings, Berndt

qwad 23rd January 2005 06:42 PM

Well done Berndt looks great and I agree 18 euros is better than nearly twice that much:D I would build it myself if I could only find the beyma here in oz to go with my se el 84 amp, cheers from down under TC

joebig 28th January 2005 08:16 PM

ummmmm, where have you seen this drivers at 18E in Spain ?

I'm starting my first DIY full-range speakers. I thought about the Fostex FE166E (or perhaps, the 206), but they are hard to find here in Spain.

So, for this 18E for the Beyma's, I think I could try them...:D (while I found the Fostex's) ;)

Thanx for the informations.

Best regards from Spain !!

Cyburgs 30th January 2005 01:04 AM


or here:

As I don't speak a word in Spanish I can not say if these links are really valid, but it seems so.

@qwad: Maybe try here:
Beyma Acoustics Australia
6/23 Runway Drv, Marcoola
Phone: 07 5448 7888
Just found it in google, I also don't know if it is still valid. Maybe try it on the Beyma home page:

Nice greetings from Austria, Berndt

Cyburgs 30th January 2005 01:09 AM

BTW: I found some time to translate the plan in English, so it should be easier for all:

And as far as I know, there are already three pairs running :-)

Nice greetings, Berndt

Nuuk 30th January 2005 08:28 AM

Excellent stuff Berndt!

You have come up with a great design, that really is affordable, you have built and tested it and given details on how to build it that anybody can follow!

That's what I have tried to do on Decibel Dungeon and it's always good to see others doing it too! ;)

qwad 30th January 2005 09:19 PM

danke schön, berndt, sorry my german is very fragmented as since I was 10 yrs old going to school in klosterneiburg after the hungarian revolution as a refugee from the communists I haven't had much call to use it, to my utter shame I have forgotten more than I should have pity anyhow I was in your fair city last year on my way back home to ungarn and took time out to have another look at schönbrun with my son then went to the head office of AKG to get a replacement stylus for my p10ed cartridge as I couldnt find a replacement anywhere else... since I was already there I made the most of it cheers from oz [ AUSTRALIA] TC;) PS; I will look into the local pricing though I dont think I will build a rear loaded horn now as I have recently moved to a much smaller place than the one I had before though it would go well with my SE el 84 amp.... I am sure auch wiedersein my friend

joebig 31st January 2005 05:52 PM

Thank you very much Berndt.

If there are 3 pairs of this system working nowadays, I'm pretty sure it will be 4 in the near future..... :D

And for the plan in english... thanx !!! It's relly very much redeable for me in this language... hehee.

What about the highs in this system ? Have you tried a supertweeter ?? (a beyma horn... :rolleyes: )

Saludos desde España,


Cyburgs 1st February 2005 11:23 AM

Yeah, were tough times then.
Klosterneuburg is really a nice town. Although I live in the south of Vienna sometimes I come there.
Today here it is snowing like mad, I suppose that you have now hot summer.

Auf Wiedersehen also, nice greetings, Berndt

I don't have tried a supertweeter by now and personally I think that it makes not much sense, although it could work out quite well. If you count the price of the tweeter and the network, then in my opinion it would be better to invest in a better fullrange driver, like the Fostex FE206E for example. Then you have all the heights you need, and still a point source. I could imagine that the Viech could get quite popular in Spain, if I look at the price of the driver. Maybe I should post the plan in a Spanish Audio forum ;-)

Nice greetings, Berndt

qwad 1st February 2005 04:34 PM


I suppose now you have hot summer
YOU BET so far this year it has been a stinker! around 40c on some days only occasionally below 35/ 37 still for an oldie like me it is far better than the cold:smash: THANKS for the beyma link I called the number but it is no longer in service, suppose I'll have to google to find it here locally but I am not holding my breath as local distributors for things like that " charge like a wounded bull!" to use a local saying, it was more out of curiosity to see how the price compares to FOSTEX drivers which are also available locally at a premium..... cheers TC

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