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mazeroth 28th November 2004 04:23 AM

Tang W3-871s as a tweeter with these?
I'm on a mission to build the cheapest, best-sounding home theater possible. I have a very nice one now but want to see how far I can stretch a dollar and will probably give this to my brother as a Christmas gift (I'm generous). I have about ten of these Vifa drivers laying around and was going to use them for this project:

They're 6.5" drivers and need to be crossed over fairly low to avoid some harshness. To get a tweeter to cross that low might cost me some money so I was thinking of using the Tang 871 as a tweeter and using a very simple 1st order crossover, if possible, maybe at ~500hz but I'm VERY open to suggestions. I just threw 500hz out there for the heck of it! The first order, if applicable, will keep the cost down of this project so that's a plus.

The Vifas are 86db/2.83v (which is 1 watt since they're 8ohm I believe) and the Tang is 87db/1w. I would like to do MTM speakers up front including the center so I'll probably need to drop the woofers down 2db, correct? Or do you think I should just go with a single woofer and tweeter? I'd like massive volume out of these and was going to go sealed, and would even be up for an MMTMM or MMTTMM if that's possible with dual Tangs. The MTM may get tricky cuz the woofers would be getting a 4ohm load while the single Tang an 8, making them even louder.

What do you all think? I know my minds cluttered but I'm up for ANY opinions at all. I'm still very new to this speaker building hobby and have tons to learn. These speakers MUST be sealed because going ported with these cheap drivers requires a huge box, which I'm not going to build :D


mazeroth 28th November 2004 09:33 PM

*cries for replies*


Josephjcole 28th November 2004 11:36 PM

I haven't looked at the tangband that closely, but from the one time I heard it I was quite impressed for $12. If you go with a mtm configuration you might want to build a small sealed enclosure inside the larger enclosure. You could then tune this sealed enclosure to push the crossover frequency lower while also protecting the driver from over exucsion. Also check out info on baffle step correction, my guess is that you will not need to damp down the vifa woofers. Sorry I'm in a bit of a hurry and need to run but this should get you started. BTW with the lower x-over point you should probably step up to a second order crossover if you want to use these for movies at any kind of volume.

thomas997 30th November 2004 07:43 AM

I know theres a couple of people who really reccomend using the 871s as tweeters (RAW is one).

I agree with Joseph you could do the 871 sealed, any maybe the Vifas ported.

Timn8ter 30th November 2004 06:05 PM

For an inexpensive Tangband based two way system I recommend using the W5-704S with the W3-871S. A second order XO around ~2kHz seems to work best. The W5-704S is a nice little woofer that is easy to integrate with the 871 due to it's extended mid-range. The W3-871S could be put into a separate chamber from the woofer to help it's performance.

jsaults 10th December 2004 09:44 AM

I built a two way with a low crossover point (200hz). The top was handled by a rat shack 40-1197 and the lower was a no name mcm woofer. I biamped mine with an electronic x-over and it sounded very nice. One thing I noticed though was that the high frequencies are pretty directional (beaming). For home theater this shouldn't be too much of a problem, especially for a small audience. You might look into aperiodically loading the TB with a stuffed tube out the back of the enclosure to reduce small cabinet problems. That's something I plan to do in the future with my 1197's.

morbo 10th December 2004 06:09 PM

I am working on a 2 way with the TB 871 and the Dayton RS 225. Just got the drivers yesterday, hope to do driver cutouts this weekend. Then I just have to get my mic/preamp combo and I should be set to start. I'm thinking XO around 500hz.

mazeroth 10th December 2004 11:46 PM

Thanks for the replies so far!

Sounds interesting, Morbo. Let us hear how they turn out!

planet10 11th December 2004 03:20 AM


Originally posted by jsaults
rat shack 40-1197... One thing I noticed though was that the high frequencies are pretty directional (beaming).
Phase plugs can really help wiyj yjay... stock the 1197 really could use help above 10k


jleaman 11th December 2004 03:24 AM

GET OFF THE COMPUTER DAVE!!! and enjoy your holiday over in van.

p.s imac fixed : O )

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